Saturday, February 14, 2015

Almost a year

I haven't been writing from almost a year and I missed it terribly. 
In this year a lot has happened. 

My new teaching job catapulted me to a new dimension of work and study, and more work and more study...... 

I decided I want to start writing again but with a twist. 

There are things that are happening around me that I'm not happy about. 
I want to record them, but at the same time I want to find something to smile about each day.

February 12th. The day a kid stuck her finger up her nose and then in my daughter's food. School does nothing. No apology, they were only joking. Karma, my dear.......

February 13th. The day that I bought chocolate for all my students and they showered my co-worker with gifts and completely ignored me. I forgive them and I still love everybody. They would miss me if I was to go, and I'm sure they have no idea they hurt my feelings. 

February 14th. The day my husband forgot about Valentine's day. After I bought him a very expensive shirt that he wanted from months. It's ok, I'm hiding in the bathroom eating all the Hershey kisses......shhhhh. 

Anything that made you smile?

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