Monday, August 31, 2009

My very first newsletter!

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Very well, Crocheted Little Things is doing great lately and it's growing bigger than ever.
So, my next step is to create a monthly newsletter for my "affecionados"!
If you didn't sign up yet, you can do it now, either submitting the form above or clicking here.
Hurry up! The newsletter is going out in few days and you'll find useful info about my products, event and sales going on in the next month!
And while you're at it, sign up for Sweet Irie newsletter as well: Michele has always a secret code to share with her costumers!

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gloomy weather!

Well, today we couldn't play outside in the pool since the weather was so gloomy.
The kids didn't mind that much and neither did I since i was pretty tired after a pretty good week, been busy with many many orders. We spent the evening watching Indiana Jone movies.
Tomorrow is Monday again, so happy begin of the week to you all!!
Here one example of what I was up too! Enjoy!

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A nice surprise in the mail :)

Recently I came across a very nice gal, while working on Etsygiveaways, Cat the sweet owner of Polarity and Uncorked on Etsy. She thought to send me "a little something" (her words not mine!) to thank me for my time on posting giveaways.
Although I was expecting something in my mail, I'll never thought to be so pleased.
Here, look for yourself and see what she sent me:

I'm amazed of the quality of this locket and the care in details that Cat puts in her creations like the gracious round tin to store your locket and the extra lids.
Cat really makes items for every taste and style, my favorite are the definitions lockets,I love the idea and the concept behind them !

And she also makes coordinate earrings, bracelets, rings, key rings.

Polarity lockets are recycled from a little auto part that with the help of some amazing little magnetic lids turns one necklace into many!

Cat is also behind a very cool blog, Olive bites where she's having a fabulous giveaway Definitely worth it to check it out!
So what do you think?? Did you enjoy see her creations??? Go check her out, her lockets make a very thoughtful gift some that special someone hard to buy for and Christmas is just around the corner!!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Tonight My heart is just full of happiness and joy even tho I'm still fighting a bad stomachache.
This morning I woke receiving more love from the "Shops with less than 10 sales" blog from the ArtFire guild and I couldn't be more pleased. The members of the guild are awesome, especially the moderator, Kim, is such a sweetum.
Sales are picking up and I'm preparing myself for the holiday rush....can't wait!
But enough talking about me!
All of you, or at least most of you, know that I'm working really closely with Michele, Sweet Irie owner especially on her....ahemm our blog. I own her so much in so many ways and I really wish I can met her in real life and squeeze her with all my love.
But even tho, we haven't me yet, we virtually hang out together as much as we can trying to know as much as possible about each other and few days ago she showed me her portofolio. Not only she makes the best sewed goodies that I've ever seen, that are so perfect that you can't even tell it's "handmade" (see picture above!), but he sweet hands and her amazing brain can create the most wonderful design like this:

Or this beautiful portrait of herself:

But those are really just a small example of what you can see in her portofolio all made by Michele by scratch!!!
Isn't she talented?? What do you think??

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to school Gift Guide

Well, today for my son's first day at school and I know it was for many other children or will be soon.
So, here my back to school findings! Hope you find something that strike your fancy :)

Kodak Duaflex Film Notebook, $12 from studiomme

Denim pencil holder with cupcake silver applique, $8 from Crocheted Little Things

Brown and Pink 2 Ribbon Hair Clip, $3.50 from GrumblebeeDesigns
Buy 2 Get 1 Free (expire 9/01)

Daisies -Makeup Bag Sewing Pouch Purse, $12 from Sweet Irie

Recycled Magazine Picture Photo Frame, $26 from Au Natural, $20 from

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wonderful weekend!!

I was busy busy but I had fun!
Yesterday I had my second test for my Child Care Training and I'll have my results by Tuesday.
But the most exciting thing is that I found out I was featured on "Shop with less than 10 sales" blog and I was very pleased to woke up to 2 sales on my ArtFire studio.
The earring in the pictures of this post belongs to an amazing artist, Donna at Twitterbird Creations, that is currectly featured on the guild's blog and is running a wonderful promotion in her shop.

And today I indulged in a wonderful summery Sunday with my family and the pool in my back yard. This time I have proof: enjoy the pictures :)

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Not much to say

Not much to say tonight. I'm studying for my test that I'm gonna give tomorrow and getting ready to send Gabriel to school.
First day of kindergarten, wow he's getting bigger and bigger, still can't believe it :)

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

J'adore tien blog Award

Thank you to Kayla from The Eclectic Element for sharing this cure blog award with me.
So now, I'm suppose to name 5 things I love, then then forward to 10 more of my favorite blogs. I like how Dee passed her awards on, so I'm going to do the same...

First, 5 things that I love:

1. I love my Children.
2. I love my dear hubby.
3. I love my parents.
4. I love my friends.
5. I love me. (I know sounds selfish, but in order to love someone else, you need to love yourself, everyday LOL)

Now for the theme: I'm choosing the 10 bloggers that I find do the most good in the handmade community:

1. Sweet Irie
2. Etsy Giveaways
3. Indie Discounts
4. The Cupcake Tree Designs
5. Indie Craft Corner
6. The Handmade Giveaway
7. Shop with less than 10 sales
8. Etsy Codes
9. Obsessed with crochet
10. Every day Moms

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

And my exit on the highway I'm traveling is......

In the last post I was sharing with you all the wonderful places that I'm discovering to promote my business.
So, last time I talked about Etsy Codes.
This time I'm gonna show everybody Handmade Highway. The owner of the blog, Lori, is doing an amazing job and I think she created a new way to promote handmade artisans.
For a small yearly fee, you too can have your exit on the handmade highway, aka a little etsy mini to represented your shop, with lots of links and useful info about your self and your business.

This is how my exit looks like:

If you're interested in info on how about to get your very own exit on the handmade highway, here where to find all the info.
Lori is very easy to walk with and I'm very happy I did. She's also the owner of a beautiful etsy shop, riskybeads with excellent, awesome jewelry.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

During my journey in the promotion realm.....

....I bumped in some very interesting site to promote my shop and I want to share them with all of you, 'cause someone really wise one time told me: "Sharing is caring" ;)

So, the first site I'm gonna talk about is EtsyCodes and by the name I thing you already guessed that you'll find tons of coupon codes that will allow you to save some money shopping in your favorite etsy shops.

Crocheted Little Things and Sweet Irie are on it for sure, but so are a lot of more shop, organized by don't wanna miss that!
The site also has a nice message board and if you'd like to connect more with you favorite seller, that's the place for you.

For the other site that I found about, you have to wait for the next post, so stay tuned!

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Gabriel lost is first tooth!!!!

I know it's silly but I'm really thrilled. My big boy wake up this morning and i noticed an "hole" in his mouth and when I asked him what happened he showed me his tooth!!! YAY now it's even more official, he's a big boy!!! And I can't believe is going to kindergarten in 2 weeks......where all the time went?????
And for the joy of all my reader, Gabriel let me take a picture of is new "smile"
Nice uh? He also put his tongue in the middle to show it better LOL
We had lots of fun tonight putting him to bed and talking to him about the tooth fairy!
Have nice kiddos dreams sweetheart!!!

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

$15 Store credit for Crocheted Little Thing (Ends 8/16)

Click For Contest
Crocheted Little Things – Artisan Feature and Giveaway
(Click here to go to the contest page)

  • Prize; Prize Value: $15 Store credit

  • How Many Winners: 1 winner

  • End Date: 8/16

  • Can Be Won: Worldwide

  • Prize From: Crocheted Little Things

The sponsor's description of the giveaway rules: To Enter:

1. Visit Crocheted Little Things, and come back here leaving a comment about your favourite piece from the store.

2. For additional entries, leave a comment saying that you: followed or subscribed to Epheriell Designs (or already do); have Twittered about the givewaway; have shared the giveaway with friends on Facebook, or; you have written a blog post about it.

3. Entries close next Sunday night, the 16th of August, at 12pm Australian EST. Winners are announced the next day as part of next week’s Feature and Giveaway post.

Remember to leave me a way of contacting you.. and Good Luck!

Click Here to go to the contest page!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Featuring Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

It's time for a new feature and a new crocheted: Debbie at Girls Just Wanna HaveFun

Spa Wash Cloths - Set of Three, $9

Let's know this sweet sweet girl a little better:

I am a married working mom with two great children. I learned to crochet in Girl Scouts when I was twelve years old and to knit in college. I love to crochet, am out of control really. It's a good thing!

Fingerless Bath Mitt, $7

I am also involved in two different church ministries:
BBPC Prayer Shawl Group: we make and distribute shawls to the terminally ill, the sick, a new mom, for the bride to be, or just for friends who may need to be wrapped in prayer. I have been involved with this group for over two years and have made and donated five shawls.I wish it were more but I need 48 hrs in a day to do all I want to get done. We meet once a month to bless the shawls. It's very rewarding. At the time I found the group I was looking for something, a way to give back and be a good example to my daughters. I want them to give freely of their time and to help others in need, and they do. They have become more compassionate to the elderly, sick, and people in general. I also belong to Saving Stiches which I joined a short time after.

Cabbage Rose Bookmark, $5

I have made scarves, hats, blankets and baby booties to name a few items, which are then distributed to organizations around the world. I have met great friends thru both these groups.
We are trying to live a good life and crocheting and crafts is just part of it.

Blueberry Passion Spa Set, $7

Debbie is trying her hand at blogging and you can read her attempts at Obsessed with Crochet.
Her shop banner and avatar, as well as her blog design are the amazing work of my very best friend Michele, the owner of Sweet Irie. I think she did an amazing job, what do you all think???

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Crocheted Little things in the Week end deal Gift Guide

I apologize for not blogging for so long, I'm in an emotional roller coast lately.
In the mean while, take advantage of this new sale :)

Click To Go ShoppingCrocheted Little Things

  • The Discount: I have the honor to be included in the Gift Guides for this week end. FREE SHIPPING on my jewelry pieces

  • How To Get This Sale: Name The Storque" during check out. Shipping charged refunded by paypal or convo me anytime :) Hurry, this offer will last only for the week end!

  • End Date: 8/09

Other Information: NONE

Click Here to go to the Shopping at this store!

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wedding anniversary sale

Click To Go ShoppingCrocheted Little Things

  • The Discount: ♥ Celebrate with my my wedding anniversary: Only for today 50% OFF my winter section. Put the words wedding anniversary in the "Message to the seller" at the check out and I'll refund you through paypal ♥

  • How To Get This Sale: Write "wedding anniversary" in the Message to the seller during check out

  • End Date: 8/02 Valid until 12am Central Time

Click Here to go to the Shopping at this store!

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