Saturday, July 23, 2016

Cheese with my whine....

....of course yesterday after feeling sorry for myself for some very silly stuff, I open facebook and BAM! Another terrorist attack.
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This time in Germany. 

After Nice.

After Orlando.

After Paris.

I'm from Italy, so forgive me while I shudder thinking of what can happen next.....
If your religion makes you kills other people, it's time to change religion.

Or go home.

Friday, July 22, 2016

The day I wish I didn't get out of bed.....

Today is one of those day, you know, those days when you regret getting up and start the day ago, those days when you wish you get rewind and just stay in bed because you know they are going to be BAD!

First I woke up to this:

Please, someone, somewhere explain to me why would you make it next to the hamper, but not INSIDE the hamper??? WHY??????????

It all started with a pain in my left jam yesterday night. I though nothing of it and tried to sleep it off, only to woke up to the pain in both side of my mouth. 
Locked jaw syndrome, check it out for yourself

I've been pet sitting for a friend, so I woke up my daughter and asked her to come with me and tried to go about my day. We are at my friend's house feeding the kitties when I realize, today is the last day to pet sit, and feel so very sad. 

Sadness could as well be the theme of this summer. 
Summer 2016: the should have, could have, but didn't time to remember. 

When I feel sad, I like to keep busy, you see. 
I go around the house and find things to do, even if they don't need to be done. 
I try to organize things for my kids to spend a week at their grandma's, so I can go to work. 
I start thinking at all the things they might need and work myself in a frenzy to have everything ready, to be prepared for everything and I mean, everything. 
I look at my son's pills and I realize, he will be a few short before it's time for him to come back home. 
In case you don't know, my son has Autism, ADHD, and Tourette Syndrome and for few years now has been taking these pills that are making a lot of difference in his quality of life. 
Off to the pharmacy (at Walmart of all places but this medicine runs to $100 and it's cheaper here #uselessinsurance) I go to refill his prescription. 
The pharmacist is frantic about explaining to me that it is a controlled substance and apparently I'm trying to refill these prescriptions way to early and all alarm bells are going off. I tried to explain very calmly that I know I'm early, we are just going to be out of town when we run out. 
Long story short, they start asking all silly questions about how many do I have left> I many am I giving him? I should have enough until the end of the month...which I do, my son won't be here until the beginning of next month though. 
They made me feel like Mother of the Year (NOT!) and they cannot help me anyway, he need to run out before I can refill. 
Good times. 
I thanked between my teeth (locked jaw remember) to have them ready whenever they think I should pick them up and leave feeling like a dirty drug dealer. 

 On my way out, I realize it's lunch time, my daughter just informed me she is starving and the smell of the Subway by the exit door makes our stomach growl. 
I figure, why not? 
It's not that I'm in the mood to cook anyway. So I approached the counter to order 3 sandwiches: one for me, one for my daughter, and one for hubby for dinner tonight, because I already want to crawl under a rock and I don't need him to come open to open the fridge and play 10 questions about what we are going to eat. 
All foot longs, all white bread, 2 tuna, 1 turkey. 
I thought simple enough.
 I swear the clerk at the counter was physically hurting every time I asked her to put something on those sandwich which I had to repeat 3 times, because between my accent, my locked jaw, and the fact the I was torturing her and she wanted to make everything else but my much fun!! 
It takes 45 minutes to get the damn sandwiches ready and she refused to do a triple meat, double cheese for hubby. Oy vey. 

 I grab the dam sandwiches and my daughter and off to the car I go, can't wait to go home and be done with today. 
I'm almost home when I realize that I did't buy lunch for my son. 
He doesn't like Subway and I was supposed to stop to grab fast food at Chick-Fil-A. Turn the car around and off I go. 
Have you ever been in the drive through of Chick-Fil-A in Niceville???? Well, let me tell you that the drive through sucks! They have a 2 lanes system on a one lane road and it's pure madness. Every time I go there, I do the drive through the right way and big truck always cut me off and get ahead of me. I curse like a sailor. EVERY.TIME. 
My car tires always get pinches buy those awkward bumpers that are there to prevent the trucks to cut though: I curse again!

I try to breath and think how happy my son is going to be about the chicken nuggets, but the service it's slow and by the time I'm done ordering my phone rings: it's the Walmart pharmacist again going on and on about the pills and how I should have enough and blah, blah, blah...he keeps going on even when I pull up to the window to get the food where a very young and nice clerk is telling me that they filled a large soda by mistake, but still charged me a medium size.....I could even thank her with the asshole still droning on the number of pills I should have in my ears...... 

 At this point I have tears in my eyes, but I make it home. 
I try to eat my sandwich from the woman I tortured and my jaw hurts to bad..... 

 I want my mommy. 

I want to go to sleep and forget today happened. 

 Do you have days like that???
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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Crocheted Little Patterns Book

For a while know, I've been selling my patterns on various venues, such as Etsy, Craftsy, and Ravelry to name a few.
 After the move and settling down in the new place, the ides was to get back on the horse, so to speak, start creating and selling online again, because to be honest having a day job is great, but I miss being able to create on a whim! 
However, as I mentioned in my previous post, things don't always go as planned, and with limited resources, my creative muse was really suffering. 
 What could I do to still appease her? 
I decided to take the plunge and put all of my patterns in one spot by creating my first book on Amazon.

 It's with a lot of pride that I present you Crocheted Little Patterns 

Right now is in Kindle format, but I do dream one day of being able to actually print it, and maybe even stream online some focal points of my tutorials.....

Well, I'm allowed to dream, aren't I?

 If you too have a book idea and you are wondering how to do it, trust me, it is hard. Amazon offer a very detailed guide. It was easy and fun, and I plan eventually to have more.

 I hope I gave you an idea of a fun project for this summer.
Or maybe you are a pro with already books out there and would like to share: feel free.
If anything, consider my book or suggest it to a friend or family member that would like to have it. post signature

Friday, June 24, 2016

Limited editions

My last post was about 1 year and 4 months from now. 
I wished I never stopped writing on here, but alas, life does gets in the way sometimes.

It is hard to summarize over a years in one post, so I'm going to limit the 2 most important events:
1) I got a full time job as a Biology teacher (yes, I'm actually using my degree!)
2) I bought a house

This post is more related to point #2.
As we were moving out of the old place and loading things in the cars to bring them here, somebody decided to "lift" some boxes from the lawn.....I kid you not!

One of the boxes being fulls of crochet thread and cotton than I use to crochet and create things for my shop.
Sad I know, also because it took me years to accumulate that much and select specific colors....
I'm not sure that I will be ever able to replace everything if anything.

That said, I'm trying to see the good in every situation and the way I see it is that the crocheted little things that I was able before the loss, are now limited editions as I don't have the tools, materials, nor time to make more.

With this in mind, I created a Limited Editions section in my shop with those discontinued pieces at very discounted prices. I hope you will take advantage of the possibility to buy something unique as I cannot reproduce any of these pieces anymore.

Do you have any Limited Editions that you'd like to share?
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