Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Giveaways Love

Just a quick update!

Today I woke up in pain and with my gums bleeding. I just came from the dentist since today I had to take the stitched off and it seems that the stitched irritated my tissues, so now that they're off I should get better soon :)

Also, please send a prayer for Michele'm mom, you can find all the details in this post.

And now link Away and don't forget to enter my giveaway!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crocheted Little Things Newsletter #8

Happy Earth day and Mother's day!!
Hi there to all, this is Lu. Here it is newsletter #8. Sorry for the delay for this month newsletter, I battling a fight my my wisdom teeth and I'm preparing for a little surgery this Friday. Nothing to worry about, I'm sure I will be back up and running by Monday!

I'm starting with greeting you with an little giveaway sponsored by me!

Click For Contest Crocheted Little Things giveaway (Click here to go to the contest page)

  • Prize; Prize Value: Cupcake pincushion, $10

  • How Many Winners: 1

  • End Date: 05/05

  • Can Be Won: Worldwide

  • Prize From: Crocheted Little Things

The sponsor's description of the giveaway rules: Many entries available, see blog for details. Plus a little coupon for everyone that enter.

Receive a free gift with All Items

Use Coupon Code:


during checkout.


Click Here to go to the contest page!

What happened?

I'm taking a little break from my Etsy shop: I will still keep selling there, but I'm gonna try to focus on other venues for few months to explore new possibility. In this prospective, I applied for opening a store on 1000markets and guess what??? They accepted me!! Look for your self:

I will upload more of my inventory soon! In the mean while, enjoy FREE SHIPPING on any item that is already listed. Also, talking of special sales: my dear friend Sweet Irie is offering 10% off!!! Don't miss out!

Click To Go Shopping

What's coming up?

I will take it easy for the next week, but as soon as I start to feel better I will be creating new items. For now I leave you with a little taste if you want to pamper yourself!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Share the love on Tuesday: PinkCloudsAndAngels

This weeks Featured Artisan is Peggi - Owner/Designer of Pink Clouds and Angels Jewelry!
Peggi has beautiful creations and puts a great deal of love into every piece she creates! To quote her, "I make jewelry for every woman. I give each piece I make the same attention to detail, no matter the price range. " You can find Pink Clouds and Angels Jewelry at:

Shop Name
Shop URL
2nd Shop URL
Blog URL
Face Book Page
Twitter Page

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday cupcake Find

A little bit late, since I'm still recovering, But I lurked at the shop of my friend Kim on facebook and I couldn't resist.
This Monday I'm going to introduce vabeachquilter and her toddler totes!

Toddler Tote

Toddler Tote, $16.95 by

What a cute tote for a little girl!

Makes a great gift. Now your little sweetie can have her own tote...just like Mommy's!

Tote measures approx. 6" w x 5" h x 3" d.

It should be spot cleaned and air dried. The tops are attached by fabric glue and might come off it soaked in water or put into a dryer.

If, for some reason, they do come undone, reattach with fabric glue and let air dry.

NOTE: There are no removeable small parts, so this is a great tote for girls under 3. The handle was sewn with a triple seam and will not come unattached.

If it looks like a cupcake, it shaped like one and is colored like one....well must be a CUPCAKE no matter how Kim calls them!

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I'm ok!

I had the surgery Friday and it seems that all went well. I still have a puffy face and my jaw is swelling, so still not much talking and not much eating.
But I'm trying to take it easy and wait for it to pass.
Thank you so much for all the messages and the "get well" wishes, they warmth my heart and are keeping me company is these painful days.
Hopefully tomorrow I will start feeling even better!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Giveaways Love

I'm a nervous wreck while I'm waiting for the time to leave to get my surgery done, so I'm trying to keep myself busy.
Here the linky! And now link Away and don't forget to enter my giveaway!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's giveaway time!!!!

In honor of the upcoming Earth day tomorrow, what about we save some flowers and we embellish the house with crocheted ones?
Mother's Day is coming too: what to give to mom??? Sweets or flowers? What about both???
Here a delicious Crocheted cupcake pin cushion with pink flower just for you!

Prizes Details:
One lucky winner will receive the sweet Crocheted cupcake pin cushion with pink flower in the picture above, valued $10

How to enter:
Please leave a separate comment for every entry for increase your chance of winning!!

1) You must go through my ArtFire studio and comment back here with a link for your favorite item with your name and contact information.
2) Subscribe my newsletter to stay in the loop about sales, promotions and new products and you will gain 1 EXTRA entry.
3) Become a follower of my blog and earn ONE extra entry. Leave another comment telling me you did! Past follower don't count, sorry!
4) Subscribe to my blog and you'll earn ONE extra entry. Leave a separate comment about it! Past subscription don't count, sorry!
5) Blog about this giveaway and receive ONE extra entry! Just come back here and leave a separate comment with your blog link.
6) Twit about this giveaway and earn ONE extra entry. Be sure to put @piccoladonna before your twit, so I will know you did it :)
7) Earn TEN (10) extra entries by purchasing something from my ArtFire studio. Just come back here and tell us what you purchased along with your contact info to claim your extra entries!

Plus a sweet little surprise for you: Use the code GIVEAWAY and receive a FREE GIFT with your purchase!
Receive a free gift with
All Items
Use Coupon Code:
during checkout.

This giveaway will last for 2 weeks and will end May, 5th.
Winner will be announced on May, 6th, at which time I will contact the winner to get shipping information for delivery.
If the winner does not contact me within three days, I will appoint another winner through another random number drawing.

Good luck!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Share the love on Tuesday: Passion for Beads

This weeks Featured Artisan is Sally - Passion for Beads. Sally creates unique designs in wonderful colors to "Jazz Up" any wardrobe! Stop by Passion for Beads and see all her creations! You can find Passion for Beads @"

Shop URL
2nd Shop URL
Blog URL

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday cupcake Find

This Monday I'm going to introduce Yifatiii's Sweets & Treats: Her name say it all!

Cupcake Ring

Eat Me - Cupcake Ring (from Alice in Wonderland), $14 by
Yifatiii's Sweets & Treats

Curiouser and Curiouser!
This cupcake causes Alice to grow to such a tremendous size her head hits the ceiling.

The diameter = 2cm.

This work was handmade by me from Polymer Clay on Adjustable Bronze ring and coated with varnish for extra shine.

Each order come in beautiful box, wrap with lot of love ♥

To have your little sweet on...hand!

This is also a little thank you, because Yifat picked my cupcake with whipped cream to be feature of a yummy treasury with a color combo I simply LOVE!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Michelle!

If you're a fellow reader, you'd know that Friday was my little girl's birthday, she turned 4 years old and I thought to dedicate an entire post to celebrate her.
In the picture above she's showing off the T-shirt I made for her. I crocheted a little hot pink cupcake with a candle on it just for her and I ironed the picture on it on the shirt to wish her an Happy Birthday. She was really happy about it and wore the shirt with proud all day.

We had a pink and chocolate cake in the evening when daddy came home and had fun making funny pictures. We ended the day in mommy and daddy's bed watching a movie, exhausted but happy!

I remember when I found out I was pregnant for the second time..well, almost 5 years ago! I was at my last year of my master in Biology of Nutrition and I was studying night and day to get all done before hubby will get out of the military and we will have to move. We bought a big swim pool to set up in our yard so little Gabriel could have fun in it while I spent every moment on the book trying to get as much as possible done. Then one day it hit me that I was late and was not mistakes: I was waiting another child. I remember feeling so tired all of sudden and panic tightening my throat....How was I going to do it all?? We were moving TO ANOTHER COUNTRY in less that a year.....I remember fear taking place deep inside, I remember getting so sick and nauseated that I couldn't stand straight and I remember not being able to sleep AT ALL....The something magic happened: I found an old hook and a spool of abandoned thread at my moms house in a restless day where I couldn't even pick up Gabriel without feeling to faint and the rest is history! I made so many things and I was able to open a shop to sell them!

Michelle, my little baby girl that look so much like me to scare myself sometimes, was the inspiration behind all that happened from that day on.

The night before Easter, April 15th 2006 I woke up in pain. I didn't think she was coming yet, the doctor kept saying it will be around the 21th. But around midday of April 16th there was no doubts.....she was coming, no matter if I was ready or not.
And finally around 3.30 pm that day the nurse come to pick me up from my room, by time my feet touched the ground I broke my water and she was in my life!

She's a very strong girl and already had her fair share of trouble. Right after was born (a pink bundle with very big and bright green eyes) we notice that the frenul under her tongue was shorted than it should have been, she had trouble suctioning milk from the bottle (I have a genetic condition that doesn't allow me to produce milk for my babies) and later on she had real troubles eating solid food, so before she was 6 months old she had to undergo surgery. I remember that day at the hospital, the surgery was very brief and not invasive at all and Michelle was very brave but she looked at me with a very mad face all day like to day: "Why did you let that guy touch me like that?" Was too funny! But that afternoon, she was finally able to eat her cereal and a little bit of smashed food and that night - the first word!!!! MA-MA!!
We were in Italy at that time, living at my parents as my husband left to come here in Florida when Michelle was barely 1 month old. It took time for them to bond together when we were all finally reunited, but now there is not doubts that she's daddy little princess, Gabriel's best friend and the color of my life.

She's very artsy and the walls of my house can testimony for that! There is no day spent that Michelle doesn't have a mark and literally leave her "mark" somewhere for me to find and no matter how huge is the mess, I can't bring myself to be mad at her when she shows it to me with much proud!

Her favorite food are Gold fish Crackers, chocolate, ice cream and pasta. She also really big on broccoli and green veggies tho!

Her favorite colors are pink in every shade, green and yellow. She loved Winnie The Pooh when she was a baby and now she's in jungle animals. We have all kinds of stuffed animals around the house (lions, hen, jaguar, elephant, dogs, cats, birds, you name it) and she's planning to ask Santa Claus for a very tall giraffe.
Whatever she wished for on her birthday candle, I'm sure will become true! Love you Michelle, with all my heart.....Your Mommy.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

Another Saturday, another post!

♥ Kids: Gabriel lost another tooth, you can see his new "dental" picture on my facebook. He got his report card and he's constantly heart swallowing from proud. We also had his weight checked and he gained 5 full pounds YAY! I can see he's eating more, hopefully he will keep at it and grow grow grow as he should! We celebrated Michelle's birthday yesterday and I will have a post all for her up tomorrow :)

♥ Man, was I busy!! and almost had not time to crochet at all. But ideas are forming in my head and you can be sure there will be new scrumptious items up soon.
Also, I will start donating 10% of my profit for the autism cause, it's totally worth it.
Also I hade the honor to be included in a fab collection called RAINBOW on FoundHandamde with my Rainbow granny square earrings
Rainbow granny square earrings

♥ I bought a book about soap-making...I'm dieing to try my hand at it from a while now, so watch out 'cause you never know what is coming out from my hands lol

♥ My teeth are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to have a little surgery to remove all four of my wisdom teeth since they ache so much. The dentist will need to put me to sleep completely, so if you don't see me post for a while, that's why. But don't you worry I will prob will be back soon :)

♥ We watched "The Princess and the Frog": I must say...AMAZING and funny and romantic and need to watch it!!

♥ Song of the Week: I Can go the distance for the animation movie "Hercules"

Yes, I truly believe I can go the distance and find my way where I belong.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Giveaways Love

First a little shout out!
Happy birthday to my little girl Michelle that today will be 4 years old!
Crocheted birthday cupcake with candle - RASPBERRY YUMMY
And now link Away!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

New kid on the block: Kristy Lynn Jewelry

Hand Stamped Necklace
Always In My Heart Hand Stamped Necklace, $28 by Kristy Lynn Jewelry

Busy week for me this one, since tomorrow is my little girl birthday and I'm up in my arms making her little gift to find here and there tomorrow in a little treasure hunt. But while the shirt I'm making for her is cooling I wanted to take few minute to show off a nice that Michele at Sweet Irie discovered: Kristy Lynn Jewelry
When I visited this little shop I couldn't help but thinking: OMG the perfect stop for Mother's day gift and for all you personalized jewelry needs!

Hand Stamped Necklace
Mother's Day Hand Stamped Necklace, $25 Kristy Lynn Jewelry

No wonder Kristy is being so successful even tho she's around Etsy just from few months: her jewelry are very well made, her pictures are inviting and she has products to satisfy every needs....even for your pet!
Hand Stamped Necklace
Dog Bone Hand Stamped Tag, $10 by Kristy Lynn Jewelry

Let's get to know Kristy a little bit more:

"I am a stay at home mom, I have been married for over 13 years and together we have two daughters 10 and 6 years old. I love giving and receiving personalized gifts and have found it difficult to find just what I want in the stores or online. So I decided to start designing and making my own jewelry. There is nothing better than designing a piece of jewelry with someone or something specific in mind and then seeing their reaction as they open it. All of my pieces reflect my life experiences, love and inspirations from my daughters."

Hand Stamped Necklace
Born To Skate Hand Stamped Necklace, $25 by Kristy Lynn Jewelry

Do yourself a favor and visit Kristy's shop: I assure you, you will find the perfect gift for that person-hard-to-buy-for in your life!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Share the love on Tuesday: Mommy Tyme

This week Featured Artisan is Valerie of Mommy Tyme. Valerie has a wonderful collection of handmade creations! From Bath and Body, Scarves and Jewelry, Mommy Tyme has something for everyone!
You can find Mommy Tyme @:

Shop URL
2nd Shop URL
3rd Shop URL
Website URL
Blog URL

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday cupcake Find

This Monday I'm going to introduce Mandie's Candies and her
Cupcake candies

Large Cupcake Lollipops

Large Cupcake Lollipops, $16.50 by
Mandie's Candies

These adorable cupcake lollipops are 2.75 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide! They are available painted or not.

The color combinations can be done with your party colors or in just a variety. All colored chocolate is white chocolate flavored.

Each lollipop is individually bagged and tied with a matching ribbon or a silver or gold twist tie.

Who's having a party?? Do you have more cupcakes for me?

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Do you like cupcake necklace?

Crocheted Cupcake necklace
Crocheted Cupcake necklace - Silver, $28 by Crocheted Little Things

Just a quick note to share that my Cupcake Necklace was feature on Jewelry&Fashion with other cool necklaces and I'm really proud!
Have you been featured somewhere recently? Share with me!!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

Ready for this one too?? Let's get started!
♥ Gabriel's update: He played like a catcher today at the baseball game as you can see from the picture above. He was really uncomfortable in the gear and I heard him complaining with the coach a couple of times, but he did stay to his post trying to catch the ball even tho he couldn't see out of the heavy helmet. I'm really proud of him!!
He had a rough week and he still has a cough that I don't like not even a little bit. Tuesday there is a check up to the doc to see what's up!

♥ Michelle's update: She's literally driving me nuts coloring and drawing all over the walls in our house! She's back to school and she's enjoying herself! Also,thanks to you'll votes, she won the content for the Kid Of the Month of Everyday Moms: I had to write a little paragraph about her and if you wish you can read about here

♥ Business: My Etsy shop is still in its limbo, but business is picking up everywhere else, so it's just a matter of time I guess.

♥ Yesterday I got in the mail another prize that I won from Mommy reads too much, the sister site of Taking time for Mommy
I Won the book "The Moon looked down" of Dorothy Garlock and I started reading it right away. Mommy reads too much is a cool blog and I recommend to check it out often if you wish to win lots of wonderful books!

♥ Saw the movie Julie&Julia yesterday night and I love the message: put your head into it and no matter what life will trow at you, if you believe it it will happen! Hope this is an inspiration for many out there, I sure needed some.

♥ Time to leave you with a fave song: You'll be in my heart by Phil Collins. That's what I'm listening right this second and I hope you'll enjoy too!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Giveaways Love

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! When I posted about Satori I knew I could count on all of you. She received over 1,500 postcards and ended up in TV!! See for yourself!

And now link Away!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New kid on the block: Punk Rock Momma

Can you tell that spring is in the air and all I can think of is babies??? How I wish I had a baby right now, I bought my last training pants pack last month, now I'm officially a mom of 2 kids and not a mom of 1 kid and a toddler LOL

So, in this there, here a mommy-kiddos brand new shop: Punk Rock Momma.

Eco friendly wash wipes, $6 by Punk Rock Momma

Punk Rock Momma provides handmade items for everyday use like Eco friendly wipes, Burpies, Wallets. We use quality fabrics to make each and every one of our products and hope that you like our color and design choices.

Burpie, $5 Punk Rock Momma

Let's know this talented mommy a little better!

"Hi, I'm Jessica Lynn and I am the designer of these great handmade items.

I'm a mother of two very obnoxious children and one very sweet baby boy. I am happily married and trying to find something to while away my time with so i thought lets sew again. lol
So here I am.
Everything I sell is handmade by me in a smoke free environment. I take special care in all that I make and hope that you will enjoy having them as much as I enjoy making them.
Everything I make is baby friendly and child friendly.

I do custom orders also, so if you don't see something your interested in but would like one of my items convo. me and I'm sure we can come up with the design your looking for.

Connect with me on twitter or on facebook and you can follow my blog. Hope to see you there!"

Handmade wallet, $8 by Punk Rock Momma

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Share the love on Tuesday: Leta Marie Designs

LetaMarieDesigns is this weeks Featured Artisan. She has beautiful jewels that will Jazz up your outfit! Stop by and see her creations! You can find LetaMarieDesigns at:

Shop URL
2nd Shop URL

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