Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Do you remember.....

.....my cupcake giveaway that I had on my blog a while ago??? The lucky winner was the sweet Meni From Spain that choose to receive the openable Christmas ornament.

This sweet girl enjoyed her prize so much, that she posted a cute video on her blog, Dalle un colhino. I recommend to go and watch it for yourself, I was really pleased!!!
Stay posted for a new giveaway!!

Also, last week my best friend Michele launched her new website, Sweet Irie and it's spectacular!!! Run over there and open yourself an account so you will never miss her precious sales and promotions! She was so very kind to put a link from her site to my etsy shop, Crocheted Little Things.

Last news, but not least: Last Saturday I took my first exam for the Child Care Training and today I knew the result.........PASSED! Bring on the next one now!

Until next time.....

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Monday, June 29, 2009

4th of July Gift Guide

Here my fresh finding for the approaching 4th of July weekend.

For your BBQ lunch outside:

Blue Bandana Malamine Cake Stand/Dessert Platter, $15 from platterific

For your pet

Patriotic Cat (Pet) Hat - 4th of July, $24 from ToScarboroughFair

To wear to that special party you're going to

Independence Day - Resin Necklace, $15 from FashionCandy

Dangling DooDad Series - Patriotic - Sale, $5 from RunsWithScissors4

Simply Patriotic Bracelet, $12 from HeartfeltCreativity

For your little one

Fireworks, $8 from stoopher

Patriotic Crayon Set, $4 from Elizabear

To send to your loved ones

Flying Flag Support Our Troops Protecting Freedom Greeting Card, $3.49 from scenicnewyork

To decorate your house

Vintage style Americana rosette Crochet lace thread art doily, $20 from crochetbymsa

American Flag and Blue Square Childs/Lap Quilt, $24 from BekahsQuilts

To pamper yourself after the long holiday:

Crocheted bath puff in patriotic colors cotton - SMALL, $5.50 from Crocheted Little Things

Hope you enjoy all this :)

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

What Happened?????

Well, I must say I had a very busy week, studying for my test that I took yesterday and while I'm there studying hard and pulling my hair out for the stress, the news stroke!!!!
The sweet and beautiful blond "Charlie's Angels", Farrah Fawcet, passed away
Align Center
and yes, I'm really young, but my mom is a big fan of her and she showed me the show when I was a little girl.

And then, the king of pop, Micheal Jackson.......not words to describe the sense of emptiness.....

He was a very controversial celebrity and just God knows what was true and what's not, but there is not doubt that his music and his moves were above artistic and marvelous......

News like this really put everything is the right prospective, doesn't it????

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Featuring: evermoresoap

Hey there party people!!! Tonight I'm talking about another amazing soapist that I had the honor to met on twitter: Tiffaney, the owner of evermoresoap


That's what Tiffaney had to say about her business:

I started my beloved business, Evermore Soap Factory, in 2004 to promote the idea of
natural living and to sell products that went along with that ideal. As a student of
natural medicine I can provide myself and my customers with a healthy and satisfying
bathing experience.

Everything is made fresh-to-order, and you will not find any SLS or parabens here! There are enough chemical-ridden bath&body products out there, so why add to it? We use top quality ingredients to ensure a great product. Nothin' but sunshine, goodtimes and smiles!

Soap - RAINWATER Made with Essential Oils and LOVE, $5

I sell a full line of herbal soaps in all your favorite scents, as well as a plethora of natural bath products. Everything is handmade with love to encourage physical and mental well being.

In addition to my spa line, I also offer a wide variety of handmade items. I specialize in decoupage wooden boxes and other paper crafts. I take inspiration for my designs from simple things, like the beauty in everyday objects, and more exotic areas like vintage papers and fabrics. Most of my inspiration however comes from Mother Nature herself. As with my spa line, I strive to design artwork that creates an awareness and appreciation for the beauty and wonder of nature.

The Most Amazing BODY BUTTER Ever Available in MANY SCENTS, $13.50

Fantastic, doesn't it? So, let's how our support and let's check her shop out, you won't be sorry!!!

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Premio Meme Award

Thanks to Kayla from The Eclectic Element to donate me this amazing award!
Here what she says about me and my blog:
Ever since meeting Lu, we have become fast friends! Her blog is just so fun to read and she is a great person to know =]

I can accept this award with the following conditions. I must list 7 personality traits about myself and I must pass this award onto 7 other blogs that deserve such fine recognition for the personalities that they share with the blogging world.

Ok, here 7 things about me :)

1. I'm a perfectionist freat! Never really satisfied about things, sometimes I think my head is going to explode.
2. I'm veeeeeery sensitive, I can cry really easy, so don't raise your voice with me, ok?
3. Would you like to really please me??? That's so easy! Just tell me you were thinking of me and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)
4. I work really hard to get what I want and I must say....I always get what I want LOL
5. I will do anything for the people I love (hope nobody needs a kidney just right now!)
6. I must admit, I suffer of low self-esteem.
7. I talk to much, I just like to talk, talk talk talk!!!!

Ok, now it's the time to pass this award to other amazing people!

1. Michele at Sweet Irie Originals because from the day I met her, my life improved so much! She bring to me such joy and energy that I really don't know what I would do without her!

2. Barb at BStauffDesigns is such a talented and strong woman! I'm amazed by her day after day for what she can create with few yards of fabric and her brain!

3. Olga at Cupcake Tree designs...I had a little contact with her but I love her for her affability and punctuality!

4. Angie at The DownTown Boutique. I met Angie during the past Christmas season and her kindness really stroke me!

5. Becca at Etsy Giveaways, she's simply the best manager ever. I really admire her square organization!

6. Tags&Buttons from Indie Discounts, she's always so happy and make me laugh without even trying!

7. Last but not least, Susan at Etsy Technology Help for her usefull and handy work on her blog.

Ok, I think I'm done!!! enjoy!!!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Almost a week......

....since my last post! What happened???

Well, my readers I must say I think I just had my worst week! We all have been sick around my house...first my son, Gabriel, with ear infections, then my little girl with pink eyes (yes, both of them!), then me with high fever without a good reason and now hubby is down!
I'm sick to be sick!!!

But the good news is that it's all passed (or almost!) and I woke up this morning and I realized.....It's my birthday!!!!!!!!!! Gosh, 27 years!!!
Thanks to everyone that inundate my mail box with birthday wishes this morning, really made my day!!
Then, I thought.....what I can do to celebrate my birthday with my affectionate followers????
I know, I know.....A MEGA FREE SHIPPING SALE!!!! So, I can pass on a good deal!! Help your self :) but hurry! This offer is valid until sunday 6/21, don't miss it!

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

My own Father's Day gift guide

I decide to take inspiration from etsy's gift guides and making my own with my personal favorite, picking a different theme all the time.
This time I decided to dedicate my first very own gift guide to Father's day gift idea, since this celebration is fast approaching (next week I believe!) and I know all my readers need a little gift! So, here my finding to fit every budget and every taste! Enjoy :)

FATHERS DAY GIFT Richie Rich -Mini Key Chain, $5 from Sweet Irie

CUSTOM MADE Crocheted Tommy's i-phone cozy in ecru cotton - GREAT FATHER'S DAY GIFT, $25 from Crocheted Little Things

Army Veteran Wordbook, $40 from kcustomcreations that very graciously offered 10% off for the readers of these blogs: Crocheted Little Things and Sweet Irie Originals. Just let her know you find her items from our blogs :)

Midnight Oil Stoneware Mug, $10 from Anni2008

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Friday, June 12, 2009


Ok readers!!! I have news for ya!

First of all I want to share with all of you that sweetirie is having an YART SALE too and you find here amazing wristlets at $5.50!!!! Imagine that!!

Then I want to show you a screen shot of what happened the last 2 days! I have the honor of being features in Etsy YART SALE FREE SHIPPING gift guide with my baby maryjanes that got sold! So, I'm not in the gift guide anymore, but was a nice milestone for me.

Last, but not least, I want to thank Nena, the owner of smelly cupcake in her treasury in honor of 3FUN birthday

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well, the double trouble giveaway is over and Michele will announce the winner shortly!

If you didn't win, here some sweet consolation for ya!
Crocheted Little Things is having a YART SALE and selected items are available to you with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!
What's a Yart Sale?? It's a giant yard sale of Handmade goodies!!!! Sound too goo to be true, doesn't it?
Check out my "Free shipping Yart sale" section, find something you love and get a sweet deal!

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Last day: Double trouble giveaway!!

Align CenterAnd the double trouble giveaway is coming to an end!
If you haven't entered yet, please do so or you my loose the change to win the set showed in the picture above, the gorgeous Paris wrist key chain from Sweet Irie and the crocheted black earrings from Crocheted Little Things.
If you already entered, well thank you! Michele and I really enjoyed reading all the nice comments and stay tuned because we're close to see the winner :)

Also I'd like to announce another giveaway that I'm sponsoring for Every day Moms, a nice network site for moms of every age and from every place.

This time I'm giving away a pair of sweet baby girl slippers!

I hope to see you all there!!!

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Featuring Truly Bella

Tonight I'm here to illustrate my readers one of my etsy findings!
For Mother's day I received the sweetest gift from my very best friend Michele at sweetirie!
I was very touched by her gesture since every one seemed to have forget I'm a mom around here :(
And I was pleased and amazed by her choice, so I'm sharing with all of you my gift and where you can find it!
I found a cute little package to my door steps on a Saturday afternoon and when I opened it I found a very sweet pink package that smelled awesome!!! After removing the wrapping I finally saw it: A BEAUTIFUL CANDLE!!!! Like this one:

Except that mine had a fine rose smell......AMAZING!
All those candles are scented with natural essential oils and nothing else-no lab created scents. The maker use 100% soy wax for candles purchased from a small scale farm in the midwest and all of my glass candle jars are made in the USA.
After a little research I found the shop were this beauty come from and I finally got in touch with Lynsey, the owner of Truly Bella and I was pleasantly surprise of what I saw: not just Candles, but also Sachets, Coasters, Burp Cloths, Washies, Baby Gift Sets, Blankets

Set of Two Lavender and Mint Sachets, Farmer's Market, $6.50

Let's know Lynsey more closely:

"I'm 27, a native San Diegan, who recently quit her job as a counselor to pursue designing baby items full-time. My husband's in the US Navy and sewing keeps me sane while he is gone."

Cotton Chenille Burp Cloth Trio and Security Blanket, Pink, $32.50

"I use only top quality materials and am happy to offer any of my blankets, washies or burp cloths backed in organic bamboo fleece.
My goal is for everything to be simply beautiful, from the fabric to the shipping, packaging and everything in between. All items are gift wrapped in cheery tissue paper and coordinating ribbon."

Large Cotton Chenille Blanket, Poppies, $29.50

Truly Bella has a great promotion right now and is offering a FREE MATCHING BAMBOO WASHIE with every purchase and FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $50.00!!!

Stack of Five Washies, Pink and Cream, $15.50

So, don't waste any more time and pay Lynsey a visit to her Truly Bella shop!!!

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Featuring dennisanderson

As promised, I'm starting to feature the nice people whom answer my thread in the etsy forums helping me finding my target market.
Today I'm very proud to present my readers a male seller on etsy and a very talented soaper, Dennis Anderson. His shop is full of gorgeous body products: Whipped soaps, Eco Solid Perfume, Lip Balms, Shaving Soaps, Lotions and Room spray

Elements Shea butter Soap bar Black Vetiver Cafe (Vegan Friendly), $5

Here few words directly from Dennis:

"Making Soap is my full time job. I recently decided it was time to do something that truly made me happy. I have been fortunate to be able to make a living making soapy products and I Love it!"

Oregon Strawberry Luscious Lip Balm, $3

"I never thought I would be here creating such fun Stuff(Soap). Everyone can thank Brandy for this, she is obsessed with doing something with her hands and she has rubbed off on me shes now become a soap creating genius making soap with me.
She has a shop of her own that showcases another side of her creations:
http://riyzedesignz.etsy.com "

Blueberry Muffin (4 oz. jar) Soap In A Jar (Fluffy Whipp) VEGAN, $5.25

"Making Soap and having this shop has been a experience I'm so fortunate to have experienced, Brandy makes sure I have everything in order and tries to keep me in hand I am a big kid at heart and it comes out often those who know me will agree."

I sure agree with your last statement Dennis!

As you can see Dennis works really hard on his shop making sure to offer a wide variety to his affectionate costumers. If you're thinking to give his products a try but you're not sure what to choose, he created a listing just for you:

I want it all Soap Sampler (VEGAN Friendly), $6.75
To know more about this amazing artist, pay Dennis a visit on Flickr where you'll find morepictures of his soaps, family and Brandy's Shop and his Blog for exciting news.

So, don't wait any longer and do take a peek to Dennis' shop! His having an amazing SHIPPING SALE!!! 1.25 per item shipping sale to the USA, Canada and Mexico on most items! And included in all his order is a little sample from my shop Crocheted Little Things

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