Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!

You might or you might not remember this picture or the magnolia tree that is in my front yard. 
 Usually during Spring time it looks like you see it, with the pink flower all open and smelling amazing. 

But this year was very weird weather wise and we had a very warm winter and a freezing Spring, so I had blooms in Januaryand they are all gone now..... 
But me and the kids didn't let this stop and for Easter, we decided to decorate the tree to make it look better. 
 Ready to see the results? SET? GO!
I present you our very own egg tree!!! LOL 

We also enjoyed dying eggs, we went a step further and made GLITTERY ones!
Don't believe me? see for yourself!

And now if you excuse me, we are going to eat them!

How are you passing Easter? I'd love to know and see pictures!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

LIQUIDATION: 50% off sale

Yes, you read that right, Crocheted Little Things is having a 50% off sale on selected items


 Do you see anything you like?? The prices are HOT!
Gloves and hats for under $15 and ornaments and pincushion under $5, jewelry starting as little as $3....time to stock up!


Yes, I said liquidation
Is Crocheted Little Things closing???? No, at least for now

Just moving in a slightly different direction. I will be more focused on publishing my patterns and working on my very first e-book. 

Since I'm aspiring to start working full-time at school in the next months, I will have less time to dedicate to crocheting, so selling my knowledge makes more sense, it's easier and still profitable. 

 My crocheted creations will be, of course, still available upon request for custom orders and such.

 Then why the sale?? 
Well, truth be told, 2 important reasons. 

First, some of my stock consist of items produced years ago.....yeah, I know. They are designs that I no longer carry because they didn't have success. That being said, they don't make me any money sitting in my closet, so I'd rather sell them at a loss and gain the space back. 

 Secondly, the space I was talking about above! 
Help a girl clean her closet out to buy more shoes LOL 
Enough kidding, all these items are sitting in a big luggage bag, the same luggage bag that I will need to bring with me in Italy in few months. 
So, I need this bag empty......wanna help me out with that?? XO 

By either purchasing something you love at deep discount or promoting my items on social media, I will really appreciate your help in making my dreams come true!
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Food collections!

Had the honor to be included in quite a few collection on Artfire and wanted to share. 

These 2 in particular I'm very proud of as they are food favorite subject!!!! 

Hope you enjoy! 

 What's your Cupcake by Micah5five

Fun Food by luvncrafts

Any collections or treasury that you'd like to share with me? post signature

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Spring break is here even tho you can't really tell as we are having temperatures in the lows 30's here in Florida. Not complaining too much tho, I know that in the states up north it's snowing :/ 

How do I relax? Browsing the web and specifically Pinterest! 
 I found few interesting things worth sharing in my opinion! 

 Ready for some tips? Here we go! 

 My first tip regards internet and money, oh yes! 
I found this interesting article on how to make money while browsing and do the things that you will normally do on line and basically working from home. I implemented some of the tips....well, I already own a few online shops, used Craigslist to clean up the garage and used few survey sites, but this gal knows a lot of them, some I never heard from! I suggest you take a peak and find the right fit for yourself. I used this down time to join as many sites as I could and some I like a lot, some I don't care for very much. 
Not sure I can keep up with ALL of them once my work days will start again, but hey, every little bit helps! 

 Like couponing? I'm trying to be super frugal, so I definitely love them, specially coupons for FREE products! If you're like me, you will love this list of companies that will give out coupon if you ask REAAAAAAAAALLY nicely! XO 

This other recommendation is more like an health tip about the many uses of raw honey and cinnamon. 
Did you know that these 2 ingredients combined can help your body fight most illnesses and even improve weight loss? I didn't, but Suzy Homefaker certainly does! 
I already tried the cold remedy on my daughter, it really worked and very fast! She improved by the very first dose, didn't complain about the taste or made a mess, plus I felt really safe giving it to her rather than use an over the counter medicine as she was miserable and I wanted to help her feel better, but really didn't want to give her chemicals. I, myself, am trying the weight loss remedy. I started yesterday and will keep updated if it really works. 
As Suzy suggest, use fresh cinnamon, the ground one that you found at the grocery store makes my mouth full of mouth sores...ouch! 

 The same goes for cream soups often called into recipes...I love using them, but I hate the chemicals in it! This recipe really helps in making your own, with ingredients that you already have home!

Hope you enjoy the tips I've found! Please let me know if you're interested in reading more of them or if you have some of your own!
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Like a real blogger!


 I've been contacted by a company called Galaxy about reading and reviewing books from the golden age......YES! Imagine my emotion when I saw the package on my steps! 

Stay posted for a review and a giveaway ;) 

And in another box was my new shredder machine! It's not a giveaway win or anything like that, I simply bought it because my older machine finally went caput! 

I decided to go with this best seller from Amazon and I must confess that when I saw the box on my door I was very disappointed about how small it was....I guess I wasn't paying attention to dimensions at the time of purchase! 
My older one used to have the waste basket opening as a drawer, this one instead, you need to take the top off of the basket. 
BUT, I'm surprised of how quick it is in shredding and the small dimensions do have the advantage to make it light and easy to use and find a place in my tiny office.
 All in all, I'm very happy with it and it definitely gets my 5 stars rate in satisfaction! 

I felt like a real blogger this week with packages coming from giveaway wins, books to review and such! 

But today I'm awaiting for a very important parcel......don't want to say to much as this is material for another blog post! 

Anything you got this week that you want to share with me?
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Featured: Mimi Signature Sterling

Had the pleasure to be feature on an amazing blog, Mid-Life Greater Expectations by Sue aka Mimi!

 Please, go read up the article on her blog as I think she did a wonderful job describing my shop on her Friday Feature series. 

Would you like to be featured as well? Just follow Mimi's blog via GFC and she will contact you with instructions so you can be the next Friday Feature.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Giveaway win: toaster from Luxe In A City

I love entering giveaways, but I never in a million years I thought I will win the giveaway on Luxe In A City for a gorgeous Magimix Vision Toaster!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
But I did!!! 

I was very excited when Roxanne, the co-founder of Luxe In A City contacted me about it and even more so as the package was delivered very quickly!

 I was also very surprised as the box was huge, much bigger that I expected for a toaster. But I couldn't help my self by opening it and using it right away......that's right, we had breakfast for dinner just so I could test the toaster out.


The set up was pretty straight forward, basically you just plug the power cord in the outlet. Then you select the function you want to use by pressing a button at the bottom of the machine with the program you wish to use. you have a choice to use to toast bread, like I did and to select the timer.

This toaster also has the ability to defrost frozen slices of bread which for me it a big plus as I always freeze leftover bread!
 The last function is to toast bagels, that I have yet to explore, but I'm sure I will soon.

Easy peasy, insert the bread slices in the opening at the top, scroll down the little level on the side (very smooth too) and voila'! The glass window allows you to see your bread getting toasted with a bright red light so you can play with the timer if the bread toasts too much or too little.

When the timer is up, a cheerful bell sound will let you know and the slices will pop right up for you to grab and eat.....see for yourself!!


 Peanut butter and jelly toast in the morning just became yummier, easier and fun!

If I really have to find one thing to complain about it would be that the instructions came only in French, Spanish and German, no English. But as I said, it was pretty easy to figure it out, so it wasn't a biggie for me!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Saint Patrick day!


Did you celebrate? Did you get drunk of green beer and buzz? 
Yeah, neither did I! 
 I guess with kids the word "celebration" has totally another meaning! 

But I did have the pleasure to be included in a wonderful collection that made the front page on Artfire yesterday and the daily email, so enjoy!! 

mint and chocolate by thebeadsofdreams
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