Thursday, October 29, 2009

Featuring Risky Beads

Ok reader, as I pre announced in a previous post, I'm here to tell you about some nice trades that I worked out for Christmas gift. Here to you the first one: Risky beads.
I met Lori a while ago when I was looking for some inexpensive way to promote my shop and joined the Handmade Highway and thought I'm not really into jewelry I fell in love with her creations, specially her necklaces and pendants.

I LOVE the fact the every necklace has a name, the one above is "Eye of the Storm". Isn't it gorgeous with all those colors and the luxurious organza ribbons and leather cord??
Also, all the jewelry are extra unique because they come with a little poem, a specific story that is unique for every piece.

This one for instance is called "Mermaid autopsy" and the story behind recite: "Say what you want, but clearly she loved the sea more than the handsome prince. Just look at all that emotion for the ocean".
I don't know about you, but I found this little story very evocative, give me the impression to buy far more that a pendant!
Beside necklaces and pendants, Lori also sells gorgeous earrings (very reasonable priced), original nurse Purses, bracelets, bookmarks and key chains and her Etsy guide like this one:

I find it very useful and give me a little push for big decision that I took recently!(more on this topic soon!)
She's also destashing her supplies at Risky Stash and has a very interesting blog where My cupcakes were feature few days ago.
Well, I hope you enjoyed knowing Lori as much as I did!
And sty tuned for my next trade/feature :)

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday cupcake Find!

Hi there readers! I decided to start a weekly feature! Can you tell I'm a cupcake lover???? No????
Every Monday I will blog about a cupcake item and feature the seller, so you all can admire my findings. If any of you have a fave cupcake and wants to show to everybody, feel free to leave a comment with a link to the item and I will check it out :)

Today I'm gonna introduce you to another crocheter that also sew: Vegancraftastic and her Cupcake Queen Zippered Pouch

Cupcake Queen Zippered Pouch, $8

Celebrate the awesome power of cupcakes with this fun and festive zippered pouch! Perfect for everyday accessories (cash, keys, makeup...) this pouch is also great for crafters to hold all sorts of notions (scissors, tape measure, stitch markers...). The outer fabric is super cute cupcake print on a pink background and the bag is fully lined with a fun aqua print, both are 100% cotton. The purple zipper adds another fun touch.

Zippered Pouch Bag measures about 7 1/4" wide X 5 1/2" tall

Very pretty don't you think????

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday personal post

It's Sunday again and it's time for a personal post.
I had a super sweet awakening this morning: I woke up from my kids kisses and hugs! Super sweet I say!

Here the last updates:

1- Gabriel Status: We got rid of the yukky medication (and the doctor whom prescribed them!) and Gabriel is improving a lot! He's able to focus more at school and in his homework and the teacher is gonna start him on writing in smaller print soon. He's enjoy his soccer practice tremendously and the diet is giving terrific results: he's now eating more and more variety, even food that he rejected before!!! I'm so proud of my little guy :)

2- I worked out a nice trade and I won a super duper giveaway: Stay tuned to read more about it.

3- I did something really hmmmm good for my business but kinda of scary too: Under the direction of my super best friend Michele at Sweet Irie. But this will be another blog post LOL

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Featuring: PurrPrints

Click For Contest
Oh my, have I neglected my pour blog lately! Not good! But I'm finally here to introduce you to another amazing seller: PurrPrints.
As some of you already know, I joined the crew of Etsy Giveaways a while ago, but contrary to what somebody thinks, that adorable and useful blog it's not completely mine. I love it and cherish like mine, but the real fonder is Becca, alias PurrPrints.
She really know what she saying and doing about giveaways and I wanted to share with you some tips that she posted on her blog. If you have questions about giveaways or how to go about doing one, I really recommend you all to read her post.
And if you are a pro and would like to share your tips with us, please join this forum thread: we'll appreciate your feedback!

Kitty Love Print 5 x 5 - Customizable colors, sizes - $10

I'm taking the time to feature all the people in the Etsy crew, but wanted to start with her since she's really amazing and her work are awesome and I must say even tho her category it's really hard to sell, she's doing wonderfully!

Build your own Pendant. - $18

In her etsy shop you'll find prints of different dimensions, cards, pendants, magnets and ACEO all with a cat-theme!
I personally love cats and I find her style very elegant and chic, yet really colorful and playful, don't you think?

Enjoy knowing Becca a little better from her profile:

I love cats and ink, and I never agreed with the idea that all cat artwork must look like mass-produced cracker-barrel-style kitchiness. I use a combination of hand-drawn, digital, and print techniques to produce my range of work; I also create cat-free artwork, viewable in the "art without cats" section of the store (but shh, don't tell my kitties I'm not always drawing them).

Though etsy is my main love (I adore handmade!), I do have shops at cafepress and zazzle as well to sell items I simply can't make yet on my own. You can visit those by going to and

I'm also an eager blogger who always drops back in on commenters and EntreCard droppers; you can see my musings on cats, art, crafts, and occasional random asides at

Teams I'm an excited member of:
*Etsy for Animals*--I periodically donate items to their charity shop at
*SquidEtsy*--you can learn more about this team, of which I am a co-founder, at
*Freethinkers* -- see cool team goodies at
*Cruelty Free Etsy* -- check out the team blog at for great ideas on where to shop for cruelty-free items.
*Bluegrass Etsy* -- a Kentucky-based street team
*Etsy Bloggers* -- visit them at

Ooo--and be sure to check out my hubby's photos at

NOTE FOR SILK-SCREENERS: I'm also hoping to find a fabric artist on here who might want to partner with me on turning my designs into pillows--I know a few places that would like to sell them, but I'm hopeless as a silk-screener!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday cupcake Find!

Hi there readers! I decided to start a weekly feature! Can you tell I'm a cupcake lover???? No????
Every Monday I will blog about a cupcake item and feature the seller, so you all can admire my findings. If any of you have a fave cupcake and wants to show to everybody, feel free to leave a comment with a link to the item and I will check it out :)

Today I'm gonna introduce you to another crocheter that had a sweet idea: HandmadeByAnnabelle and her cupcake wash cloth

Annabelle's Cupcake Washcloths - Assortment of 4, $12

Annabelle's Cupcake Washcloths are so fun for a baby or wedding shower. They make great party favors. Can you just imagine these as gifts for the winner of the bridal or baby shower game?!?!

How can you resist those lovely????

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last day to enter: EUC Designs giveaway!

Last day to enter this wonderful giveaway going on at Sweet Irie blog!
Be sure to check it out!
Winner will be announced tomorrow!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Cupcake finding!

It's time for another cupcake-lover-finding!!!!
This time I'm showing you a purchase I made a while ago from HoneyBops!
I found this gorgeous listing in her shop and I had to buy it! Jeannie is so awesome to work with, she made me a personalized version of it!

Card/gift box template pattern - printable PDF file - Birthday Cupcake Theme - personalize, $3.95

And I just checked her shop today and found another matching cupcake item that is a must have!

3x3 inch Printable Cupcake Mini Cards and 4x4 inch Envelope with Cupcake design - PDF. $2.95

Hope you enjoy it! :)

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Featured on Etsy Lounge!

The other day I had a very pleasant surprise. I received a convo from an etsy member, ArtsyPicks, that was telling me my rainbow slippers got featured on a very cool blog:
Etsy Lounge!
it was a real honor for me to be featured among other amazing finds! Go take a look!

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Handmade Highway Shotgun Shopping

Today I'm on a "shopping mission" in behalf of Handmade Highway. I was given a hundred of virtual dollar to find something to love. So here to you my choices, I hope you like them too.
Click To Go Shopping
Click To Go Shopping
I was on a mission for some Christmas presents for my family, since there are so many and I always try to start early, but I fell in love of this lovely glass pendant that I'd like for my self and tough this shaving soap it's a must have!

To see more, about my shopping experience, visit the Shotgun Shopping on the Handmade Highway!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Little bit personal....

All right, a little personal update and then tomorrow I will feature my fave again!
Some of you know that I'm fighting with all my power with my son autism. Today I'm a little bit discouraged, I have the feeling that the doctor that has my son in care is know the best I can get. He's keeping stuffing my son with meds that are not doing any good and are drying up our finance heavenly. I'm afraid I will have to call him tomorrow and let him have a piece of my mind.....shave those pills down your throat and leave my son alone!

Ok, now that I'm done whining about life, I wanna tell you all that I'm really grateful that my dear friend Michele at Sweet Irie is back home and doing better after an emergency surgery. She scared me to death, but my prayers worked and she's back to her own self.

Also, I take this time to remember you all that there is a wonderful giveaway going on at Sweet Irie blog! be sure to check it out!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Cupcake Find!

Hi there readers! I decided to start a weekly feature! Can you tell I'm a cupcake lover???? No????
Every Monday I will blog about a cupcake item and feature the seller, so you all can admire my findings. If any of you have a fave cupcake and wants to show to everybody, feel free to leave a comment with a link to the item and I will check it out :)
Click To Go Shopping
This morning I'm introducing you to a small and new etsy shop, HoosierHomemade. I came across her shop when I stumbled in her giveaway, hosted on Family Makes Cents and I was the lucky winner of her School Tote!

And that's how I came across my very first Cupcake find!

Girly Cupcake Bag, $12

This adorable cupcake little bag is just perfect for your daughter or granddaughter. You can pair it with the Bug Bag for your son or grandson too. It measures 8" tall x 8" wide. It has a wide 8" opening for easy filling. And the handles measure 6".

Tote is lined with a cute pink checker material.

Tote is constructed with heavy weight interfacing, for durability.

I hope you enjoy! :)

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Featuring Cutiestuffs Part II

As pre-announced in the previous post featuring Cutiestuffs, today I'm gonna show you all how I'm using the cover buttons that I bought from her.
First of all I covered my buttons:
It took me a while to get them look like I want them. They are really easy to make and Agnes also has a very useful link on her blog to show you how to make them, but I just seem to have 2 left hands LOL
But once I made a couple, the following came out much better! So I added them to my creations:

Crocheted and beaded cupcake OPENABLE ONE Christmas tree ornament, $10

What do you think???? YAY or NAY??

Crocheted cupcake lip balm/cream holder LARGE, $10

I also want to highlight that cutiestuffs products are available on Etsy as well as on ArtFire.
And while you're at it, follow Agnes on twitter and facebook to keep up with specials sales and promotions!

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Featuring cutiestuffs Part I

Finally got back to my favorite activity on my blog : featuring the people I like!
This time I'm introducing you with my favorite supplier, cutiestuffs.

SALE - 100 Covered Buttons - 1 1/8 inches - Size 45, $27

I had the pleasure to "meet" Agnes when I bought some buttons to cover with fabric and she's amazing to work with, an impeccable customer service and fast shipping.
But she has a lots more supplies to offer: Earring Posts/Backs, French Hook Ear Wires, Adjustable Ring Blanks, Disk Loop Bracelet/Pins.

12pcs Surgical Stainless Steel 10mm Flat-Pad Earring Posts and Backs, $2.25

Agnes is a stay-at-home mom of two pretty daughters, 6 & 4, living in New Jersey with her husband while taking care of her shop.

SALE - 100pcs Surgical Stainless Steel French Hook Earwires with Ball and Coil, $6

I'm going to snag some of those for my shop soon!

50 Adjustable Ring Blanks - 10mm pad - gold, $16.50

Go Visit Agnes at cutiestuffs, I'm sure you'll find something you need or love! And stay tuned because tomorrow I'm gonna show you all how I'm using the supplies that I bought from her :)

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