Thursday, October 30, 2008

My giveaway's winners are.....

Congratulations #3, Windy Cindy
Congratulations #19, Nancy Severance!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Just few days left!!!

There are just a few days left to enter to win two fabulous pair of crocheted earrings from Crocheted Little Things! If you have not entered to win, then you must head over now to check out my interview and shop! Last week we had several late entries, and while I would love to count them, it just isn't fair! No late entries will be accepted, so please get your entry in now before it is too late! The deadline is Tuesday October 28th at 5 run over now!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

And Now I Present: North Star Jewellery Design

This little etsy shop whom owner was so kind to feature me on their blog!!!

1. What is the name of your etsy shop and what do you sell?
My Etsy shop name is and I sell handcrafted jewellery for todays discerning woman.

2. Where are you located?
I am located in Co Donegal, Ireland.

3. Do you have your own website/store outside of Etsy?
I have a website that links to etsy, and I also have a blog

4. How long have you been doing your craft/art and how did you get started?
I have always been very artistic, painting and drawing whenever I had the time to do so. It was only 4 years ago, when pregnant on my daughter that I discovered the wonderful world of jewellery making and I haven't looked back since!

5. Who or what inspires you to create?
So many things! Nature is a huge source of inspiration for me, especially the ocean..also people, or it could be the words of a song or a poem..a chapter from a book...

6. Do you listen to music when you work, and if so what kind?
Always, it depends on my mood and could be anything from Vivaldi's four seasons to Metallica to Doris Day!

7. What do you like least/most about your craft?
I like least that I have to source nearly all my jewellery supplies out of Ireland because it is so very expensive to get them here.. What I like most is the creative process, and also the look on someones face when they see one of my pieces and then buy it because they like it so much-that is always good!

8. Describe your workspace?
I have my very own room in the house for my art and crafts. It is small, but light and airy with one corner housing my office area (eg computer, printer, cameras etc). The rest is all storage for my jewellery and painting supplies, my easels, my work table and my books (of which there are many!)

9. What is one of your best moments as a crafter/artist?
One of my best moments is when I sold almost everything I had brought with me to a private jewellery party- that was a great night :-)

10. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting their own craft business?
I would say be very prepared to work hard. Having your own craft business is not for the faint of heart, and you have to be brave to follow your dreams, because only you can get yourself where you want to go. But it is so worth it at the end of it many people do you know that can say they are truly happy in their jobs?

Friday, October 24, 2008


I have the honor to be featured on this wonderful blog among other amazing artists.
Please check my interview at:

Thursday, October 23, 2008


A very sweet etsian tialeyvintage added me in this cool webpage where you can find a lot of worderful etsy shop:
It was a surprise and I was very pleased!! Please check out her shop, it's amazing!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let's don't forget: my first giveaway

Don't forget my first giveaway ever and I'm so lucky to be hosted by a wonderful etsian on her blog:
She's the sweetiest person I ever met and her items are awesome...I'm guilty of buying one of her wristlet and I LOVE IT!!! So handy and make so easy to find my keys in a swip without digging in the bottom of my purse while the kids get crazy in the road...eheh!

I am giving away TWO beautiful pair of crocheted your color choice!!! What could be better than that? If they are too long, too short, too colorful, too simple, too extravagant for you...think of the awesome Christmas gift they would make! I promise they will make someone a happy home...I just recently bought two pairs of Lu's gorgeous earrings and my friend adored them!!! She asked where I bought them so she could get more... She said they were so light, she couldn't even tell she had anything on and she gets the most compliments on them!! You can't buy these beauties in stores, so you must check it out...or go buy some if you are scared to enter and not win!

Etsy: AGAIN!

A second set sold yesterday.....Woohooooo
Aren't they yummy??? And I bet they'll look even better on your Xmas tree!!These cupcakes are completely handmade and crocheted by me.They are made with thread #5 93% mercerized cotton and 7% metallic. I used gold for the cake, white for the frosting and red for the cherry for a classic look. The red and white colours have little shiny iridescent green flakes for a sparkly look while the golden thread has a shiny golden wire. They are filled with poly fill to give them a good round shape.They come in a set of 4 complete of clear plastic wire loops, ready to hang at your Xmas tree.They are 2.5"(6.5cm) long plus 1"(2.5cm) for the loop, 5"(12.8cm) in circumference and 1.2" cm) in diameter.I'm willing to make them in colours and quantity of your choice, just convo me to discuss look and price.All my items come from a pet-free, smoke-free house.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dinner with the Avon lady!

I spent a beautiful Friday afternoon with Terri, the Avon lady in my neighbourhood!
Terri is a very sweet woman with the most cute little girl ever who's now a play date friend for Gabe: they love hang together!!
Terri is helping me spread the word of my business around my town distributing business cards. I thought the less I could do for her kindness was promoting her a little....of course for the Avon products, but also for her other activities.
Visit her web page Terri's Take Five at: and drop her a line. This sweet woman will fix you up in a bit!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

ShopHandmade loves me....A LOT!

I always check my shop on shophandmade ( every day.....

Between yesterday and today I was on shophandmade's front page with different items: my cupcakes, my earrings, but this made the front page twice yesterday and today:

Thank you ShopHandmade, I love you too!!

This bag is made by plarn, a peculiar yarn made by recycling plastic grocery bags.This time is a brown bag with white accents. I used over 50 plastic bags in brown/black and white/black. This one is embellished by a small flower of 2"(5cm) of diameter on the top of the front that works like a button allowing to close the bag with a loop. The inside has:- 2 pockets of 5"(12.5cm) each to carry a drink, a baby bottle of you cell phone- a loop with a key ring, really usefull to have you key always handyLet's talk about dimensions: 15"(38cm) wide, 12"(30.5cm) tall and almost 2"(5cm) deep. This kind of bags are really strong and they can be used to carry anything from grocery, to craft supply even books. For the nature of the material they will stretch and then regain the original shape and don't brake really easily. Believe me: it's been a lot of work between washing, disinfecting, drying, cutting them and then assembly in a yarn to crochet. But for me it's so much worth it if you can do something good for Mother Earth.Everyone have hundreds of plastic bag around the house, they're in our drawer, in the extra-full bags keeper and that's a good way to recycling.Please recycle:'ll be more to make this bag in different bags colours and sizes and to collect your plastic bags and do a bag like that just for you in any size and colour you wish.This is the year of thinking green and this is the bag for you!All my items come from a smoke and pet free house.

etsy: SOLD!!!!

Set of 4!! This morning I got up and......SURPRISE!!!!!!!!! Got sold!! YAY for me!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My first giveaway!

Yes, you heard me I'm doing my first giveaway ever and I'm so lucky to be hosted by a wonderful etsian on her blog:

She's the sweetiest person I ever met and her items are awesome...I'm guilty of buying one of her wristlet and I LOVE IT!!! So handy and make so easy to find my keys in a swip without digging in the bottom of my purse while the kids get crazy in the road...eheh!

I'm giving away 2 pairs of my swirly earrings, all the details are on the blog above! Have fun signing up and let' hope you'll be one of the 2 winners! In the meanwhile, here some pics:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


With all this economy troubles nowadays I can't help myself to be so much grateful to me completely debt free!!! Unfortunately not many people can say the same. Of course it still a struggle meeting monthly ends but thank God I don't own anything to anybody!!
To cheer up everybody here so me pics of my kids....they crack me up.....LOL!

They were playing with one of the Xmas decoration I have for sale in my etsy shop:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy day!

Today I'm just happy, not sure why but it's a good sensation! Have a happy day everyone!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goal of the month!

I just reached my goal for the month of October on etsy: I finally listed 50 items!! Hopefully they will sell well! I thought was a smart thing to do for the up coming holiday...all my items makes great gifts! I know it's not a very big thing but I'm happy about it! And maybe pretty soon I will say: I sold 50 items on etsy!!! That will be great!

To celebrate this milestone I'll have a cupcake.....crocheted obviously!! Eheh!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Business Licence YAY!

I finally did it! Yesterday, October the 9Th 2008 I finally got it my business licence!!! I still cannot believe it!! I worked really hard, saved my little money and I could do it. Was my goal for September, but that OK anyway!
I was very thrilled yesterday and felt like I was walking on the clouds. Now Crocheted little thing is official and I can do a lots of more stuff.
After all the excitement, this morning I got up and realize....I really don't know what to do next, I so much dreamed about this moment that I forgot all about the "after" part....But no panic! I will relax this week end and I'll brain storming all my ideas and I'm pretty sure I will come out with something good and I will make this business grow! For now I guess I'm going to concentrate on advertise and making some good sales to recuperate the money I had to spend ehehe! But still it's a good sensation. I still need to register for my name, I'm trying to figure that out :)
I must admit I'm really proud of me!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What I really really need....

This from ! She's awesome and having that will really really truly help my business acquire the style I have in mind!! I'll get there eventually......

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Business Plan

I never thought I could post something like this....when I heard someone else talking about their business plan and how important is to have your own I always thought they were very fanatic.....and I kept repeating my self:"I do have an idea of my business plan, it's in my head floating somewhere......"
Well, after a couple of weeks running around like a blind chicken and coming up with nothing and feeling the frustration raise, I finally realize I needed to stop, sit down and finalize my thoughts!
So yesterday night I finally did, I wrote down all my "ideas", what I want for me to happen, how I need to work on it in order to let them happen and I also give them a priority.....
I'm going to stick with what I planned and keeping hoping for the best! The people that kept saying that were right, now I feel better, my head is more clear, my brain is not overwhelmed and I can focus on what I love best: my family and crochet in my spare time. Nothing more, nothing less and if a little bit of money will come in I'll be happy, if no money will come in I'll be happy either way.
I guess I found the hand I was looking the other day to guide me through my day....It was MY hand, was always there I just couldn't see it in all the fog.....

BTW, I spent the afternoon to the doc's office yesterday, my son has tonsillitis...argh! SO after the doc's visit, the stop at the pharmacy for his medication, the gas in the car to do all we have $0 dollars, but still I have strength enough to smile at my son 'cause I know is going to be fine........can't help thinking though, what if it wasn't so easy all the time? What will happen to us? I'll still be able to blast the month without loose my sanity? Hope so!
In the meantime, today isn't that bad and tomorrow will be even better!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Well, etsy is not working for me laterly.....I put all my effort in it but everytime it requires more...and more money.....I think I'm too overwhelmed right now for the lack of sales and inquiry, I just need to step back and take a break!
In the meanwhile I'm building a light box to improve my pics and I started posting some of my wares on a new venue:! It's free and they support the "go green" movement that I feel really strong right now. Anyway, I think it's worth a try, will see what happen!
I didn't get the chance to go to the tax office yet, My kids are sick and I don't feel so good either, so today it's a trip to the doctor office....
But I don't loose my hope, tomorrow will be another day.............For now I just keep running around like a blind chicken.....Would somebody take me by my hand and guide my throught this day?????????
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