Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just Pin It!

Wonderful collection of pincushions that I'm proud to share :) 


Just Pin It! by ShadowDogDesigns

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LAST DAY: Dead Men Kill giveaway

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

April showers bring...

Hope it's true! LOL 

April showers bring... by Soapsmith
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LAST DAY: The Iron Duke giveaway

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Monday, April 15, 2013

A Great Way to Help You Save on Glasses {Giveaway Alert}

If you're anything like me, you wear prescriptions glasses and chances are that you haven't changed them for a while because of lack of time or money (or both) and laziness in getting another eye exam.

I must confess that I'm also ashamed to go to the eye doctor and have to tell him that it's been 5 years since my last exam!
But I need to get it done, before I ruin my vision for good! And I'm also tired of my old frames, I feel that my style has changed a little and need something that looks a bit more professional.

If you are still like me, you also know that is time to get those eyes checked and what a better timing to get a new pair of glasses now that you could get them for free??

 Several days ago Firmoo ( contacted me to collaborate with them because they are giving out free glasses and would like me to spread the great news to you! 
I am so glad to share it with you here as it is a wonderful chance for those who need glasses! 
Can’t believe your eyes? (pun intended! XO)

Yes, it is totally free for you! Frame + Lenses + Shipping = $0! 

How long have you kept your current glasses? I can bet for most of you the last time you bought a new pair of glasses is three years ago or longer. It is highly suggested by professional ophthalmologists that you should have a yearly eye exam and replace your glasses regularly to ensure your eye health. If your prescription has changed but you still wear the old prescription eyeglasses, you are in high-risk of deteriorating your vision. 

I really love the shape of the glasses in the picture above! The good thing about Firmoo ( glasses that I've noticed is that the piece above the nose doesn't have those annoying little plastic things that leave marks on your face and make the glasses wiggle around. They are definitely my brand of choice for my next pair as they offer a wide variety of exactly the flames I want. 

So are you thinking about getting a pair of new glasses but worried it would cost you an arm and a leg? Head over to and get your free glasses now!

I hope to be able to win a pair and show it off soon!
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dead Men Kill: Review and giveway

I'm having the chance to read and review another book published by Galaxy Press , just like a did for The Iron Duke (HERE). 

In my previous post, I also talked about the author, L.Ron Hubbard and briefly explained about gold Age pulp fictions.
But if you need to refresh your memory, here an informative video for you.

Synopses of Dead Men Kill: (from book flap) 
When several of the city's most respected citizens are inexplicably killed by what appear to be zombies, all Detective Terry Lane has to go on is a blue-gray glove, a Haitian pharmacy bill for some very unusual drugs and a death threat from a mysterious stranger. Matters are soon complicated when a beautiful nightclub singer shows up who claims to have information that could solve the case, but whose motives are plainly suspect. Against his better judgement, Terry investigates her lead only to find himself sealed in a coffin en route to the next zombie murder - his own. 

My review: 
I was attracted by the title of this book, which is weird given that it has the word "kill" in it LOL 
In my head the title echoed of recent TV shows, like "Supernatural" or "The Walking Dead" and I was spot on, with zombies and situations that cannot happen in real life, but will make you wonder....what if???

What I loved about this book was first and foremost the pagination, as it was divided in chapters instead of being a one piece novel like "The Iron Duke" and that made it easier for me to take breaks. 

That said, it was very easy to read in a whole afternoon. I couldn't put it down as I love mystery books like this and I wanted to "solve" it. 

The main character, Detective Terry Lane, is kind, handsome and very strong. Picture Dean of Supernatural, smoking hot, but with the kid heart of Sam (from the beginning of the show anyway)
He's a good man, always trying to do the right thing by every one, but I find him also a bit too naive at times, making me scream: "Really??? And you fell for that???" right at the book, like he could really hear me now. (My husband thought I was hilarious) 

Then there is the beautiful and mysterious nightclub dancer, Dawn Drayden, that really confuses and fascinate both the reader and poor Detective Lane. She's also a character full of surprises that leave the readers breathless with.every.single.action! Until the very end!

 If I had to find a flaw about this book it will be that I saw right through the plot from the very beginning. Now mind you, it could be because I love mystery books and read a lot of them, so I was able to pick up little hints here or there of who the stranger villain would be.....and found out I was totally right. 

 In this respect, I think that if there is a lesson to be taken from the novel, it will be to keep your friends close and keep your enemies even closer because you'll never know at any given time, who's after you and what their motives might be. But also it made me think about not being so paranoid about every little thing all the time, because troubles struck when you least expect it. The important thing is not to give up hope and use all the resources available to get out of a dangerous situation.

 The giveaway:  {Dead Men Kill book and Audio set}

You must be 18 and older to enter this giveaway.
Open to US Residents ONLY. Sorry, international peeps!
This is a Rafflecopter giveaway with 2 mandatory entries and 7 optional entries with the possibility to tweet everyday for 2 weeks..... that's about 24 chances to win!
Contest will run from April 11th 2013 and will end April 25th 2013.

Good luck!

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Biking without traning wheels!

My daughter asked me to take off the training wheels off her bicycle to learn how to bike without them. 

I was very skeptical about it, but this is the result after the afternoon trying
Pretty cool, uh? I'm pretty proud of my little girl for learning so beautifully and I see a new bike in her future??? LOL post signature

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Giveaways from the web!

Every once is a while I come across cool giveaways around the web and I thought I'd share them with all of you! 
So here they are!

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And don't forget to enter mine!!! 
Win a copy and audio set of The Iron Duke 

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

More Autims Awaneress videos

Aside from the videos I made, I found this made from a dad that really moved me! 

Hope you will enjoy!

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Friday, April 5, 2013

It's time

After getting my citizenship, I took a series of step to advance and better my life in the States. 

One of these steps included having my college papers translated so that I could use my college degree that I earned in Italy, here in the States. 

Well, after lots of money and time waited, those papers are finally here! Arrived to my door just today and my heart is just so full of satisfaction by reading this: 


Move I come!!! 

Cannot even describe how happy and truly blessed I feel right now. 

I waited 5 long years for this moment. 

Who could have thought that a piece of paper could make a girl feel so special???

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