Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Blog award!

Boy, Have I been busy with my blog lately? But working hard pays off as I'm here today to receive another blog award from my dearest friend Michele at sweetirie!

This time is the "friends award" and that's its meaning:

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

So, my job is to give this blog award to 8 deserving blogs and their owners will do the same! Here my picks:

The Briden Bunch
Mom Giveaways
Indie Discounts
Etsy Giveaways
Laura Trevey

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cupcake giveaway: The winner!!!

And so yesterday I completed my first year on etsy and I'd never thought I will arrive where I'm right now!
And with the end of my first year on etsy it came the end of my cupcake giveaway! I had a lots of fun reading all the comments left and like always I thank everyone for entering.

But only one lucky winner will receive one of my sweet cupcake, so let's found out together who's gonna be!

And the winner is......................
# 26 Meninheira

Congratulations! I already contacted you and you have 72 hours to get back at me to let me know where to send your prize!

And thanks again to everybody for entering!
If you didn't win this giveaway, don't be too disappointed, I'm having another on sweetirie's blog for some lacy earrings and you can entering here!
Good luck!!!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Last day: Cupcake giveaway!

Yup, we're almost there to know the winner to the cupcake giveaway! Today it's last day that you have the chance to what are you waiting for???

Also, today is May, 29th and exactly one year ago I opened up my etsy shop! To celebrate I'm having a big sale: FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for all the week end!
And remember: if you buy something today not only you'll have a wonderful deal, but you gain 10 entries for the cupcake giveaway!!

Good luck!!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Double trouble giveaway!

We are baaaaaaaack with one of the most popular giveaway on sweetirie blog! Michele and me had too much fun on doing it last time that we decide to go double again LOL Enjoy.....

So, don't loose any more time and go to enter now!
And while you're at it, don't forget to enter my cupcake giveaway!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Featured on Carpetbaggercreations's blog

In response to my etsy thread in the forum asking for etsy mini to swap, I had the luck to "met" a sweet person and amazing artist, Pat the owner of GladRaggz.
Pat is also the owner of a very cool blog and I'm honored to be featured with my baby mary
janes slippers

Crocheted mary jane slippers for baby girl in pink and lime green cotton, $18

Here a little paragraph of what Pat wrote about me:
"I admire her passion for her cute little things...."
If you'd like to read the whole feature, you can do so visit Pat's blog.

And now I'll leave all my reader with a little eye candy from Pat's shop!

Large Swarovski Starfish Pendant/necklace, $37

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Friday, May 22, 2009

What happened this week.

This is going to be a little of a personal post of what happened this week.
Let's see.....

In my personal life I made some changes.
I decided to enroll myself in Child Care Training for the state of Florida. I drop out from college 3 year ago and I always regretted. Plus, I really need a part-time job in order to afford a new car since our it's falling apart. And so I did it, I went back to school and feels awesome. Of course, studying in another language it's not the easiest thing ever, but I'm hanging there and taking little steps at the time and I'm proud to feed the "teachers starving" Florida state. I have a test in a month and we'll see how it goes,

My kids are always the biggest part of my life.
I'm potty training my 3 yo daughter Michelle and is going better than I expected. Michelle, baby, if you'll read this post when you're 30 something years old I want you to know I'm proud of you even if you're going to hate me for writing on the net that you're learning to use a toilet.
That's ok, you'll get over it!
I had a school meeting for my 5 yo son, Gabriel. Most of my readers know now that my son has some development delays and the school meeting today just verified that I did the right thing putting him in this new school. They're right on the problems and will help in any way. Gabriel, baby boy of mine, I love you so much and I will fight with all my soul to get you well. It's a promise. And if you'll read this when you're 30 something years old that means that I did something right :)

Ok, enough with the personal stuff and let's get serious on business that for the past week became a huge part of my life, or a least more than usual.

I'd like to thank my awesome costumer, Tommy, to design the cutest i-Phone holder that I could ever have made:

CUSTOM MADE Crocheted Tommy's i-phone cozy in ecru cotton, $25

And the fabulous Koko that gave me a new idea for my granny squares earrings with a simple question: can you make them bigger??? Of course!

Crocheted earrings granny square Corner style one colour primary cotton BIG, $10

One more thing before I leave you all celebrating the Memorial Day Weekend: don't forget to enter my cupcake giveaway!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Featuring softjaz

As promised, I'm starting to feature the nice people whom answer my thread in the etsy forums helping me finding my target market.

Sunny with Chance of Flowers, $28

Today is the turn of softjaz a cute little shop where you can find totes, makeup, children items, home decor.

Accent Pillow, $21

That's what the softjaz's owner has to say about herself:
The name of the store originated from my Granddaughter, her initials are *JAZ*.

I owe my love of needlework to my Grandmother who taught me to cross stitch, which is my first love, and to embroider. I love fabric!!! The colors and textures. I taught myself how to sew on a machine and have learned a lot of things from those who are amazing fabric artists! I studied art in high school and college and have many family members and friends who do amazing artistic creations. I would love to have the time to learn more, but for now I will make by totes, memory boards, etc and add new, and I hope, exciting items along the way.

I love to paint, mostly in water colors, stencil and do murals, photography, bead work, and numerous enjoyable past time hobbies.

Just in time for Spring, $21

So, if you enjoyed softjaz, pay her shop a visit!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Sweetirie giveaway!!!

Today I'm here to announce another Sweetirie giveaway on a fantastic blog, Giveaway Today.
This time the prize will go to 2 lucky winner blessed with 2 $15 gift certificate!
Don't let this opportunity pass out, go enter now and find out out how many ways you have to win those beauties!!!
Hurry, winners will be announced on May, 20th!
Good luck!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

First anniversary celebration giveaway!!!

Hi there my dear followers!! Here another fabulous giveaway, this time to celebrate my first anniversary of my etsy shop that will occur May 29th. And what better way to celebrate if not giving away one of my best seller item that brought me so much luck??? You already got that, I'm giving away a cupcake of your choice!!!

Prizes Details:
One lucky winner will receive ONE single cupcake of your choice, valued $8-10

How to enter:
Please leave a separate comment for every entry for increase your chance of winning!!
1) You must go through my etsy shop and comment back here on your favorite item with your name and contact information.
2) You must go through my cupcake section and comment back here with which cupcake would you like to receive, so in case you win I'd already know what to send you
3) Become a follower of my blog and earn ONE extra entry. Leave another comment telling me you did! Past follower don't count, sorry!
4) Subscribe to my blog and you'll earn ONE extra entry. Leave a separate comment about it! Past subscription don't count, sorry!
5) Blog about this giveaway and receive ONE extra entry! Just come back here and leave a separate comment with your blog link.
6) Twitt about this giveaway and earn ONE extra entry. Be sure to put @piccoladonna before your twitt, so I will know you did it :)
7) Earn TEN (10) extra entries by purchasing something from my etsy shop. Just come back here and tell us what you purchased along with your contact info to claim your extra entries!

This giveaway will last for 2 weeks and will end May, 29th
Winner will be announced on May 30th, at which time I will contact the winner to get shipping information for shipping. If the winner does not contact me within three days, I will appoint another winner through a random number drawing.

Sounds fabulous doesn't it!?! What are you waiting for....enter now...good luck!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

New necklaces at Crocheted little things!

I'm presenting to my readers my new necklaces in the hope to have some feedback.

I really appreciate all the comments and help for my scrubbies and I want to thank the reader that suggested the oreo cookie idea: is in production and will do the debut in my etsy shop soon and obviously I will show it here too!

Crocheted mini doily necklace in aqua cotton, $22

The inspiration for this necklaces comes from my dear friend Michele at sweetirie that generously donate me the chain that you see in the pictures so I can try my hand at it.

So, I'm playing with it and I came up with this 2 designs: the first very delicate, small and romantic looking while the second is big, intricate and on the dark side.

Crocheted goth necklace in black cotton, $30

Once again I need you help here...which design do you like most? What colour would you like to see? I'm thinking to a rich chocolate brown (I know I have an obsession with fake food LOL) and some sparkly silver....

Also I'd like to have suggestion about the metal....I'm a silver lover, but what about you? Gold, brass, black???
Can't wait to hear from all of you, I do have lots of fun reading all the comments!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New signature!

Jus checking out my new signature that my best friend sweetirie designed for me :)
What do you think???

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Featuring scottshandmadecrafts

As promised, I'm starting to feature the nice people whom answer my thread in the etsy forums helping me finding my target market.

Today I'm presenting you scottshandmadecrafts, an etsy shop where you can find Handmade Classic Jewelry with simple, elegant designs at affordable prices, like vintage buttons rings, necklaces, earrings, charms bracelets and paper craft.

Blue Vintage Button Ring, $4

That's what the shop owner has to say about herself:

I am a work-from-home (at least try to!) mom with two children ages 9 and 11. I have always enjoyed crafting. I like making jewelry and working on other types of crafts using paper,fabric and vintage items.

Grey Pearl Hoop Earrings, $6.50

Feel free to visit scottshandmadecrafts' blog and get to know this amazing artist!! And hurry up snagging this beauties: the SHIPPING is FREE for the month of MAY!

Ivory Flowers Cameo Necklace-Gold Plated, $20

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Michele has been busy too!

My sweet friend Michele at Sweetirie has been busy with her school finals. I missed her so very much since I love chatting with her over the net, but when she showed me what she was working on, my eyes grew wide and couldn't keep a "WHOWMSA" to slip out my mouth....I'm not even sure that "WHOWMSA" it's a word, but it's my reaction for something stunning!
So, I decided to share will all the reader of my blog as well as her blog, what she's been up too and what this amazing woman can do.

Here it goes:

I think the layout and them look terrific, but I'm curious of what my reader think about it!!
I think Michele would appreciate our comments, so let's show her our support for her hard work!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

'So Long, Status Quo' Giveaway!

Here's you chance to win a signed copy of 'So Long, Status Quo: What I Learned From Women Who Changed the World' from Author Susy Flory!

If you're like me and enjoy reading,then trust me, you won't to miss this! Enter it's easy: just visit this awesome blog and leave your comment there after reading the interesting interview!

This is a little paragraph from the interview that really made me think about it because I can relate to it sooooooo bad LOL

I loved my comfy couch, and my safe life, for a long time. But at some point it became like a trap, like a safe warm cocoon that I couldn’t break out of. Do you remember when you were a kid and you longed for summer vacation? During those long hot days of school just before break you dream about summer and can’t wait for school to be over so you can sleep in, play with friends, relax, and enjoy yourself. Then summer comes, and it’s wonderful, and you get to do those things you were dreaming about, but after a while it goes on too long. You get bored, and there isn’t much of a routine or purpose to your days, and all of a sudden you can’t wait for school to start again. Do you remember that feeling? That was my safe-on-the-couch life. I yearned for something more.

Interesting isn't it? Go read the whole interview and get your chance to win this amazing book!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

For all the moms out there, including mine that I miss so very much

Happy Mother's day!!!

Crocheted Ballet flats Adult woman size, $20 FREE SHIPPING!!

Hippy Chick Coin Purse, $8.50

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I'm working hard to fill a big order so I don't have much time for blogging tonight, but I was hoping my readers will help me out.

What do you think about facial cotton scrubbies?

Do you use them or not? Do you like them? What colors would you like to see?
How many would you like to buy in a set and how much you're willing to spend?

Please take you time to leave me a comment here answering one of more of these questions! I really appreciate it!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sweetirie gift certificate giveaway

You read the title just right! The amazing creations of sweetirie could be yours! So, don't wait any longer and run to enter this amazing giveaway hosted by spearmint baby!

Sweetirie is giving away a $15 gift certificate to spend in her shop!
Should the winner spend less than the $15, a new gift certificate will be issued with remaining balance for later use. Gift Certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

Don't forget to enter this sweet giveaway and get your chance to be the winner!! I
t's really easy and you won't be sorry!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Featuring: Sweetthangs

As promised, I'm starting to feature the nice people whom answer my thread in the etsy forums helping me finding my target market.

Today is the turn of sweetthangs where you can find beaded necklaces, bracelets, fairy dust bottles, earrings and hand painted light switch plates.

Gold Fairy Dust Bottle, $4

Let's know better this amazing artist:

My name is Sara. I love the dark shades of purple and green but the girly part of me screams hot pink! I try to use every color in my jewelry so you can have a wider variety to choose from. I've been making and selling jewelry for a little over three years now. I've been making jewelry for myself since I was old enough to string a bead. I have many projects I am working on. I make necklaces, bracelets, fairy dust bottles, earrings and a few light switch plates that I hand painted. I add items every week so check back soon! I recently got laid off from work so I had to make my shop my full-time job while I job hunt. I am so happy to finally be living the dream of selling what I create, every piece is handmade by me.

Precious Flower Light Switch Plate, $5

April showers bring May flowers. Take advantage of my Spring sale Buy 2 get 1 Free! Buy the first two items and then send me a convo telling me what item (of equel or less value) you want Free.

Blue Dragonfly Earrings, $7

Monday, May 4, 2009

Featuring Buddha Kitty Glass

As promised, I'm starting to feature the nice people whom answer my thread in the etsy forums helping me finding my target market.

This time is the turn of Buddha Kitty Glass with her beautiful glass bowl and trays.

Green stacking cairn tray, $70

This is what this amazing seller has to say about herself and her shop:

"I have loved glass for many years. From my initial work in cold glass and small glass jewelry to collecting beach glass while walking on the shore, glass has long fascinated me. I especially enjoy watching the beautiful transformation of glass once heat is applied to it. I began working on kiln formed glass at home in 2006 in my first small kiln. In this kiln, I make tiny “dots” and small pattern bars, which I use as the centerpiece of embellishment on solid transparent glass. All pieces featured here at Buddha Kitty Glass are made in my home studio in Seattle."

Small blue tray with dichroic dots, $25

You can find more info about Buddha Kitty Glass on facebook.

Stay posted for a new super feature :P

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Exciting News!!!

I had another good week! My shop doesn't stop to amaze me and amazing people feature me and my works!

So, let's thank Chris, the owner of craftsbychris on etsy that featured my baby mary janes on shopindieonline, an amazing blog where she created a series of Gift Guides where it's possible to purchase an ad spot for your items and all the money from this will go to a charity. Definitely, check it out!

HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL - polymer clay pendant with crystals, pearls and sterling silver, $25 by craftsbychris

Then, another big thank to Linda, the owner of the moonstone blog that featured my plarn bag on artfire!

But the biggest and more exciting news comes from my sweetest friend, Michele at sweetirie. We always kidding about creating a blog together, but she actually wasn't kidding and today she graciously give me the "Virtual keys" to her marvelous blog. So, keep an eye open on her site because I will make my debut pretty soon!!!YAY!!!

Black Velvet Coin Purse, $8.50 by sweetirie

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Featuring Submarine Forest

As promised, I'm starting to feature the nice people whom answer my thread in the etsy forums helping me finding my target market.

Today is the turn of Submarine Forest specialized in rosaries, chaplets, ultra-feminine beaded jewelry and Dungeons & Dragons items as well.

Holy Communion Chaplet, $12

All chaplets and special rosaries come with instructions as to how to pray them.

Blond Male Elf, $10

The Submarine Forest is running a sweet sale"
~!~Free shipping for clergy or gifts for clergy~!~
You can also follow more updates on twitter and Submarine Forest's website.

Keys to Your Heart, $30
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