Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Share the love on Tuesday: FindingCharm

This weeks Featured Artisan on Share the Love... Blogger's Unite is

Finding Charm

I started making jewelry because I had outfits I just couldn't find that perfect piece to go with. So I thought I'd buy some beads and give it a try. I was hooked, it's almost an addiction! It's important to me that I create charming pieces that don't break the bank. I started getting compliments and requests and decided I should help others in their journey of finding charm.

I am a member of the Etsy Texas Crafters Team. Search for items using the team tag 'TeamEtsyTx' to find listings of fabulous crafters!

I am a member of the Etsy Bloggers Team. http://etsybloggers.com/ Search for items using the team tag 'etsybloggersteam' to find listings of fabulous crafters.

Female, Born on February 10

You can find Finding Charm on:








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Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday cupcake Find

This Monday I'm going to introduce lucky17 and her fabric baskets!

Cupcake Basket
FABRIC BIN- Organizer- CUP CAKES- Polka Dots- Robert Kaufman- Large, $19 by lucky17

I used two different prints to make this fabric bin. The main body of the bin is a cute and colorful print of cup cakes by Robert Kaufman. The upper part of the bin is accented in a bright pink with white polka dots print. Brown "rick rack" runs across the front of the basket. The inside is fully lined.

This basket is extra large and will hold many items. They make great organizers for closets, shelves and childrens rooms. They can also be used as a diaper holder in your babies nursery. Fill it up with anything you want. Handles are on both sides for easy lifting and carrying.

Basket Features:

*Fabric has been pre-shrunk
*The handles have two rows of top stitching
*The outer fabric is interfaced with batting
*The lining is reinforced with a medium weight interfacing for added support
*100% quality cotton
*Hand or Machine wash cold on gentle, line dry

Basket Measurements:

*8" Tall
*14" Wide across the top
*10" Wide across the bottom
*6" Depth
*Two 7-1/4" Handles

Do you have a cupcake to share with me??? XO

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

After a break for last week (my birthday) here we are with another Random Saturday.

♥ I have a confession, but please don't laugh. I know you're gonna laugh, it's ok I can't see *you*, so I'm not gonna feel completely humiliated: I have a pimple. On my tongue. Yup! Like this one. I know I cannot be the only one with this problem, but it's so painful and so dumb :( I don't wish it to anyone else to be this uncomfortable.
Anyway, I'm also kinda of mad because I was told that after my surgery I wouldn't have to deal with this kinda of things. It's been 2 months and here I'm again :((((

♥ I had a job interview last week (totally by mistake....I went grocery shopping and ended up in one). I want the job sooooo bad! Would be a night shift, so it will be perfect for us: I will be able to stay with the kids during the day. When I'm gonna sleep???? I dunno, but I didn't get the job yet, so why worry now???? XD

♥ I was included in the sweetest cupcake treasury evah!!!!! You have to see it!

♥ I also had the honor to be the Crazy Train Rider on Artfire. People belonging to the Crazy Train Rider guild came into this thread to promote me and comment about my shop. Was very uplifting.

♥ Ok, movies that I saw lately that I really loved:I saw "7 pounds" with Willie Smith and I'm not sure I can say I love it, because talk about suicide, but it's moving for sure. And then I saw "Evan Almighty" (on the following of "Bruce Almithy") and I must say the message of the movie is really beautiful - a must see!

♥ And now I leave you with my fave song on the week: "Who Knew" from Pink

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Giveaways Love and The Winner!

And we have a winner for the Pieced of Me Pendants:

asj on June 22, 2010 1:43 PM said... #109
The "psst I'm pregnant" round green pendant is hilarious! Love it!

Thank you so much for entering!!!
Click For Contest

Cupcake Note Cards (Ends 07/12)

Click For Contest
Baseball (Ends 06/27)

Click For Contest
DSLR Camera Strap (Ends 07/05)

Now link away!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fire Stalkers feature: LetaMarieDesigns and Harlamy


This week’s Featured Studio on The Fire Stalkers is LetaMarieDesigns. Leta makes beautiful jewelry and Ear Wires. She loves variety and that is what you will find here. Be sure and take a look!

You can find LetaMarieDesigns at:

Artfire Studio


This week’s Featured Studio on The Fire Stalkers is Harlamy. Amy loves to make bracelets, necklaces, charms and sculptures! The colors are amazing. She blends the colors beautifully. Be sure to take a look at this studio!

You can find Harlamy at:

Artfire Studio

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I got for my birthday!!!

As you might know, the past Saturday was my birthday and I got some nice presents that I'd looooooooooove to share with you!!
Cupcake mold
Key necklace
The first thing that came in the mail was the new and sweet cupcake mold from Shop Sakura: I was drooling over it for few days and Fiona was so kind to send it to me and me and my daughter Michelle already put it a good use XO

And than just yesterday I found the most delicate and precious key necklace from Simag!!! I was so impressed by the workman ship and even the package was just too sweet for words.....
They really spoiled me!

But the surprises aren't over!!!!
My bestie Michele at Sweet Irie gifted me with the sweetest treasury

My blog buddy Kayla gave me a shout out/birthday wished on her blog, The Eclectic Element

Also, my friend Kim from Vabeachquilter purchased from me and blogged about it!!!

And I also got some clothes, a cord cam (YAY!!!) and I was able to talk via phone and via cam with my folks in Italy, which it's always really nice!!!

Not bad, uh?

I'll leave you reminding that it's last day to enter the Pieces of me Pendants giveaway

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Share the love on Tuesday: Love you More Designs

This weeks Featured Artisan on Share the Love... Blogger's Unite is

Love you More Designs

Kathleen is a stay-at-home mom of three who was a lawyer in another life. She has always been interested in creating -- jewelry, poetry, scrapbooking and loves to create unique jewelry designs. She is also a member of the Etsy Mom Street Team.

You can find Love You More Designs on:


Kathleen also has a blog called Charm Bracelet Diva

Be sure to visit her blog too!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday cupcake Find

Thank you Kayla from The Eclectic Element, to point me out this week cupcake find!

This Monday I'm going to introduce Carolyn's kitchen and her cupcake aprons!

Cupcake Apron
Cupcake apron, $42 by Carolyn's kitchen

This is the Mama's size, but is also available in daughter's size for $32 and I adore the matching gloves!!!

What do you think? I think they're gorgeous and I hope you enjoyed looking at Carolyn site as much as I did!

Do you have a cupcake to share with me??? XO

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Newsletter #10 and new video

Happy Father's day and Happy Birthday to me!!
Hi there to all, this is Lu. Here it is newsletter #10.

I have lots of news to share with you!!!

I'm starting with greeting you with a little giveaway sponsored by Pieces of me Pendants!

Click For Contest Pieces of me Pendants giveaway (Click here to go to the contest page)

  • Prize; Prize Value: Scrabble tile of choice, $5.95

  • How Many Winners: 1

  • End Date: 06/24

  • Can Be Won: Worldwide

  • Prize From: Pieces of me Pendants

The sponsor's description of the giveaway rules: Visit blog for details. Click Here to go to the contest page!

What happened?

Click To Go Shopping

Click To Go Shopping

New products are available, like my open toes slippers (just perfect to relax your feet in this hot weather) or my new slice of pie pincushion (soon to be available as Christmas ornament as well). Plus, to celebrate Father's day with all of you I'm having a little sale!!!

Click To Go ShoppingCrocheted Little Things

  • The Discount: Free shipping on selected items

  • How To Get This Sale: No code necessary, just browse and shop among the items with the free shipping label

  • End Date: 06/20

Other Information: Click Here to go to the Shopping at this store!

What's coming up?

Tomorrow is my birthday!!!! I'm turning 28 years old and what better way to celebrate with all of you with a super sale that you can't say no????? For tomorrow only, June 19th, all the items in my ArtFire studio are 50% off!!!! Yes, 50% OFF!!! Can it get any better??? But it does!! The 2 offers can be combined, so hurry up! Hope to see you there!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fire Stalkers feature: cymberrain and KittyBallistic


This weeks Featured Studio on The Fire Stalkers is cymberrain. Diane is a fiber artist and dyer living in France. She makes beautiful purses, belts, brooches, fairy shoes, and more! Wow! The colors are amazing and the work is so professional. Be sure to take a look at this studio!

You can find cymberrain at:

Artfire Studio


This weeks Featured Studio on The Fire Stalkers is KittyBallistic. Helen makes beautiful jewelry and accessories, along with characters and items from felt. These felt sculptures are really unique and she does custom orders, too! Be sure and take a look!

You can find kittyballistic at:

Artfire Studio

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Celebrate Father's day!

Next Sunday is Father's day....are you celebrating? Need a last minute gift idea?
Then you're on the right spot!!
What better way to celebrate father's day than having a sale?
Daddy need to wash and relax, right?
Click To Go ShoppingCrocheted Little Things
  • The Discount: Free shipping on selected items
  • How To Get This Sale: No code necessary, just browse and shop among the items with the free shipping label
  • End Date: 06/20
Other Information:
Click Here to go to the Shopping at this store!

And here some of my fave gift ideas!

Wrist Key Chain Key Fob handmade -Nautical, $6.50 by Sweet Irie

Footballs Wallet, $8.95 by vabeachquilter with FREE SHIPPING!!

Handmade Fathers day - Dads Shirt with tie, $4.99 by withlovebyvarda

And speaking of ties, I want to thank Matt from Tiepedia for showing me an interesting post about not-so-traditional ties.

I leave you with a fun fact: Do you know that Father's Day has different date celebration around the world? In Italy for instance, we celebrate it March the 19th for the celebration of Saint Joseph, the father of Jesus.
Thought was worth sharing that in another corner of the world, we celebrate pretty much 3 months ago :)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Share the love on Tuesday: Caliope

This weeks Featured Artisan on Share the Love - Blogger's Unite is Caliope!

Jazz up your wardrobe with a stunning creation by Caliope.

Visit her shop to see all of her beautiful works of art!!

You can find Caliope at:





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Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday cupcake Find

Thank you Allison from Mommy's Survival, to point me out this week cupcake find!

This Monday I'm going to introduce GaddyNipperCrayons and her cupcake crayons!

Cupcake Crayons

Half a Dozen Creamy Cupcake Crayons, $6.95 by GaddyNipperCrayons

Fun, Custom, Recycled Cupcake Crayons

How cute are these crayons? Crayons in the shape of mini cupcakes, perfect for any party.

This fun set comes with 6 cupcakes in six great colors: pink, lavender, orange sherbet, sky blue, mint green and buttery yellow . Each crayon measures approximately 1.5" by 1.5". These cute cupcakes will come packaged in this great little box,tied with cute ribbons, ready for gift giving. Would you like your box personalized? Just let me know in message to seller what wording you would like.

I still want to eat them!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Randomness Saturdays

Is it Saturday yet???? Let's get started!

♥ The school is over for both of my kids and time is very limited, but I LOVE cuddling in bed with my children after 7 am XO

♥ Gabriel had a little ceremony for completing Kindergarten: I took some picture of him and his teacher (above) and next year (in 2 months!) he will go to first grade!! YAY!!! Michelle will have another year of PreK, but both kids will go to the same school from now on, which will make my life much easier.

♥ I donate my hair to "Locks of Love": I let hubby cut my pony tail and he went a little bit "mad cutter" and the back of my hair looks very funky! I will post pictures for you all to see soon and my hair with a check will go out this coming Monday! In the meanwhile, I'm crocheting a hat to cover the mishap until my hair will grow back again :)

♥ We're going to visit my father in law tomorrow after he's been sick: thank you so much for your prayers, he's doing much better! Also, my mother in law is waiting for this dream catcher afghan that I just finished for her.

♥ A couple of treasury that I'd like to share with you!
Blueberries and Vanilla by Late night Design

And Lori Made this from the Handmade Highway members that are donating parts of their profits to the victims of the oil spills: Because the oceans should be blue.

More artist featured on Handmade Highway blog too.

What are you up to???

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Giveaways Love

A note for my readers:
I apologize for the spammer that has been attacking my blog commenting with links to porno sites and nasty words.
I'm now moderating the comments for a little while, so hopefully the spammer will get tired and leave all of us alone.
If anything, this means that my blog is becoming famous, right? LOL
I hope my moderation will not be too much of a turn off for my regular commenter, I love hear from you and I always will.

Now, back to the regular programming XO

Click For Contest

I'm Sorry Card
(Click here to go to the contest page)

Click For Contest
Father's Day T-shirt Giveaway
(Click here to go to the contest page)

To spiced it up this week, I'm changing the format to the linky in a way that is possible to upload pictures....let me know if you all like it!
Now link away!

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