Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The wedding

This post is so late that it's not even funny. 

But here you go, pictures and memories of my brother's big day! 

But let's back up a little and share some horrendous pictures of the preparations of the day before. 

Do I need to comment on this one?? I think not! 
What do you see here is me, my sister and my mom with ridiculous stuff on their heads, while my brother and my dad just look pretty! 

But all was worth it because the next day I was able to sport with hair-do: 

I think my mom and my sister looked very spiffy as well!! 

What do you think??? Was the night before torture.....err prep, worth it?? I think, yes! 

You know, we don't get to dress up a lot so I was trying to get some cute and romantic pictures of me and hubby together...... 

Well, I guess my husband had other plans! LOL 

The kids were amazing. Can you imagine being little and going to a foreign country were you don't know anybody and don't speak the language?? Nonetheless, they were precious, well mannered and managed to make new friends! 

And finally, the moment that everyone is waiting for, the picture with the groom and the bride! 

I love, love, LOVE, my family!!!
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mont Blue compact mirrors

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mont Bleu for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've been doing some "Spring"cleaning around the house that has kept me from blogging as often as I'd like.

But boy, it feel so good to go through all the junk that we accumulate and purge the stuff we don't need anymore and make room for the things we now love.

One of the area that neede my attention in the house was the so called "mud room" that got a completely make over.

And since I was there I went through my purse and all the bags I have hanging around filled with stuff and boy!! Did I find the most craziest stuff in my purse!!! Everuthing, from store receipts, to baby wipes, my wallet and my glasses and my ever present compact mirror for quick touch ups.

compact mirror

Compact mirrors are one of those accessories every women has in their purse. Mont Bleu added some genuine Swarovski crystals and theirr design, to make them more special.  Mont Bleu compact mirrors are not like everyone's as they are hand decorate from Europe to make sure the quality meets the highest standards.

Use this code SCM13 to get a 30% discount in our E-shop on all compact mirrors.

Also, check them out on Our Pinterest.


compact mirror


Now, tell me: what do you have in your purse?? It can be just me having lots of things in there!!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

NIMLY giveaway alert!


Nimli is a curated marketplace of makers & sellers. It's a community of designers, curators and consumers. If you want to read more about NIMLI, click here

And guess what???? 
They are having an amazing giveaway and I get to pass the info right onto you!!! 

 This giveaway is a special Nimli Fall Giveaway that includes 5 total prizes - 4 that include 4 different items from our top Nimli brands + 1 wild card prize on Halloween. 

The total prizes are valued at over $1000 have a total of 9 different brands featured. 

The prizes can be viewed in detail at but here is a preview:

Don't pass up this amazing chance to win some wonderful goodies!!
After all, the holidays are just around the corner!

Five winners total, one winner each week for 4 weeks - 10/25, 11/1, 11/8 & 11/15 + 1 wild card winner on Halloween 10/31.

 Each week the prize is a combination of 4 items from our top Nimli brands. The wild card winner will receive one rug of their choice from Domestic Construction.

By liking our Nimli Facebook fan page, following our Nimli boards on Pinterest or following Nimli on twitter. All this can be accomplished by going on the NIMLY giveaway page and enter the giveaway on the site via Rafflecopter.
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The House of Bachelorette Sash review!

I know I've been away from my blog for a many days and while I wish I was on vacation the whole time, truth is that I came back few weeks ago and just couldn't unravel the unique emotions I lived in words yet. 

So, I went back to Italy for 2 week to visit my family in occasion of my brother's wedding. While, I've seen my mother and sister during their visit to the States 3 years ago (remember??), I didn't have the chance to see my brother and my father for 7 long years. 
 I didn't know my sister-in-law at all and neither the tiny little baby she just had. 

 Well, before I dig into the wedding party, I want to take the time to talk about the bachelorette party my SIL invited me too. It was not the typical bachelorette party, or at least I think it was not as I never been to one before and I didn't have one for myself before getting married. 
Anyway, I always heard stories of strippers and drunk people, so this was definitely not something like that. My SIL friends organized a tasteful party in a local pub where we ate a wonderful homemade sandwich, delicious cake, listen to music and drank coffee (typical habit for Italy!) 

We had few silly moments with penis-shaped straws and stuffing balloons up our shirts, but aside from that it was just plain fun. 
Mind you, it was only 4 days after I arrived in Italy after a 30 hours here you go the picture with me being super tired!! 

I'm on the right, with my sister in the middle and SIL on the left! 

Before I left from Italy I was contacted from House of Bachelorette to review one of their sash and I was thrilled that they sent me the Super Glam Bride Rhinestone because I already knew who I was going to give it to!! 

The sash is made in-house by their rhinestone artists, and is a fantastic addition to a bachelorette party or bridal shower. 

 It came in the mail in a very sturdy envelope that shows just how much care this company puts in handling their products. Inside the envelope, there was a wrapped package and the sash itself came with little organza bag. 

 I tried taking a picture with the sash of myself, but I married over 10 years ago now and a sash doesn't make a bride. 

 If only I knew somebody that was getting married soon.....oh wait!! 

Doesn't my new SIL look simply beautiful and sparkly with the sash on??? She loved it very much! 

I just wish she lived closer and maybe I could have been the one organizing her party with the many bachelorette party supplies from the

This post contains my opinions only about this company and their product that I was sent to review. Your opinion about this product might be completely different than mine.  
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