Saturday, November 1, 2008

My first Halloween in America!!

As a foreign Italian, I never understood all the fuss about Halloween......I could understand kids wearing a costume, but I never got it the Halloween decoration, the Halloween food....hey people it's not Xmas, shessh!!

But yesterday there I was, putting costumes on my kids, a little Superman and a sweet ballerina. !nd for the first time in their lives and in mine we decided to go trick or treat for the neighbourhood. Still in my Italian close mind I thought it wouldn't take more that 5 minutes.....Instead we had so much fun, my kids' eyes where wide open for the surprise when they understood that saying "trick or treat" will make the candies go into their baskets....LOL

Well, I get it now. It's a big fuss, 'cause everybody go in the streets with the flash light showing their costumes, saying happy Halloween to semi-strangers and hand out candy to sweet little heads.

I get it, really!

And I love it, seriously!

I don't know if when it was time to go home who was more upset, me or my kids......and next year I'll be doing it again!!


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