Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's going on?

For months now my posts have been very sporadic, impersonal and now come down to barely nothing.

I know you all that used to read me are wondering, what's going on and what happened to me, so today I'm gonna asnwer those questions.

A lot it's going on.

♥ Michelle started Kindergarten this year and I thought that would give me a lot of time for my self....Boy, was I wrong. Between meeting, field trips, school activities, homework and volunteer, sometimes I barely have time to breath.

♥ Gabriel is about to graduate from the Emerald Coast Autism Center. This coming December 15th to be exact. It's huge, it's all we ever wished for, that the therapies he was receiving there would work and make him better. They did. Along with this fantastic news, a fight started with the public school system that want for Gabriel to go back in the same school he was before, where he was mistreated, neglected and regressed so badly. All he wants is to walk to school with Michelle in the morning *sigh
This fight is literally consuming all my energy, I had to study countless law books, local laws, schools policies and county policies....well, you can imagine. The fight is not even half way over and I'm still in my position making phone calls, pleading his case, coordinating teachers, social workers and attorneys.....fun fun fun NOT!

♥ Thanksgiving is here. I don't know how that happened. Was Halloween just yesterday, no? I guess not. At least this year I have all my shopping done, all I have to think about is the cooking and today is the last day of the week of having any kind of obligations. Then I'm gonna hibernate in my kitchen and come out on Friday.

♥ My shops are doing ok but not as well as I wish they would. Normal consequence of being so all over the place lately and not being able to promote. But I'm still here, alive and crocheting.

Just wanted you all to know. Better things are coming :)

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All Wired Up TOO said...

(((HUGS))) wishing you much success.

Miss Val's Creations said...

You have been busy! I hope things work out for Gabriel. Our school systems really need to address autism since it is so much more common today. I wish you and your family a wonderful (hopefully relaxing) Thanksgiving! ~Val

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