Thursday, April 5, 2012

Michelle Kindergarten recital

2 days ago, my little Michelle had her very first school recital, she was a cute little flower.
When the teacher sent the note home for the costume, I immediately went to dig up my very first ballet tutu that I even wore. I thought, it's pink and it will be perfect! And here it is!

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen. You're looking at a vintage piece as I was 8 when I got to rock this baby.
My daughter is 5 so I was a little bit shocked that I didn't have to retouch it in any way, not even the shoulder straps! Then I remember that this tutu was already resuscitated once, when my little sister was 5.....but I'm digressing.

My daughter loved the costume and even more so after I told that it was mine and I was proud of her having it now (it's not that I can really wear it anymore you know!).
Still, beside to the emotional attachment, I wasn't really satisfied as it didn't look "flower" enough.

That's when mama go shopping for pretty fabric and gets out the sewing machine!!! Of course, Michelle had to like everything too, so off we went and after some running around, some noisy sewing and a lot of trying on, we got the "flower look" I was aiming for.

A petal finish over skirt with sequin fabric and hand sewn flowers on her neckline and the front of the skirt and she looked just darling for her recital

Maybe I should have added sleeves.....what do you think???

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Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful costume, you did a wonderful job

Miss Val's Creations said...

Michelle is so precious! She looks just like you when you were 8. :) I love how you updated the tutu!

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