Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Featuring: Greetings that Grow

Good afternoon dear followers!!!
A while a go I came across a really cool shop on etsy: AMomentAMemory28 where you will find prints, cards, bookmarks, journals, and many other unique eco friendly gifts made using photographs.

Meet Keira. Keira is one of the three siblings that we adopted from our local SPCA nearly 3 years ago. Keira is a very curious cat and loves to sniff and then chew on all my flowers. I captured this shot of her sneaking up on a rose that I was photographing, just as she was sniffing the petal and preparing to take a bite out of it!
I am member of EFA and $5.00 of this sale will be donated to my local SPCA @ http://www.spcapets.com/ . I will provide you with a receipt of donation after I have received your payment for this purchase. Thank you for helping the animals!

Recently, the owner of this shop, opened a second one: GreetingsthatGrow where are sold original and unique 2-in-1 plantable cards that allow you to Keep the Print and Plant the Paper™! All You have to do is add water, sunshine and ♥, then watch your paper grow!

Mini wallet shaped plantable purse cards, which would be great to give bridesmaids in a wedding or friends who come to your garden party.
The card was made using my own handmade plantable paper. This purse shaped, folded plantable card measures 3 1/2" 2 1/2".
The plantable greeting was made from a sheet of lavender paper, embedded with a garlic chive and basil seeds. When planted, the paper will grow into delicious herbs!
The card has a folded bottom that makes it able to stand up to be put on display. On the back of the greeting card, a print of my photograph "Love in any Language" is adhered, with a removable adhesive. The print is signed and titled, so you can display it or put it in an album once you remove it from the front of the card.
This seed embedded plantable purse card is wonderful, not only because it is eco friendly, but because it serves more than one purpose. You can remove and keep the photograph print, then plant the seed embedded paper and envelope, then watch your card grow into a lovely bunch of herbs.

And I'm literally in love with both!!! Let's know more about this amazing artist: Anna L. Sexton
I am a wife, mom, photographer, cat owner, and paper maker on a mission to save the world! I love plantable seed paper. I love the texture, look, quality, and earth friendly nature of it! I use plantable paper to make anything I can think up. I just can't get enough of it.

When I was a child, I was so intrigued that a mere click of a button could make time stand still, a moment could be frozen, and a memory could be made to last forever. Through the years, and with the births of each of my children, my fascination was transformed from a hobby to what I believe I was just meant to do.

I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have been blessed with three beautiful, lively (and very patient) daughters as well as three sibling cats that we "rescued" from our local SPCA shelter as kittens.

Want to know more about me, my life, or my work?

So, what you're waiting for???? Check her out and buy this beautiful and eco-friendly items!!!


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