Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Net is so scary big......or not!!

Browsing my friend etsy shop I made a funny discovery!
2 amazing artist with different roots and style, made different items using the same cute material. Here, look for your self:

This is sweetirie, she make key chain fobs and gift sets and that's one of her amazing creation:

What a beautiful wristlet, so girly and sweet! This wristlet will have you sparkling with its silver glitz and glimmer as you walk down the street and turn heads! Dress forms are hot right now, so you will be sporting a hot trend and feel like a million bucks, at the same time! Weeee

This stunner is handmade with 100% heavy-duty cotton webbing in black and is accented with sparkly designer fabric with a romantic undertone. The band is big enough to slip on and off your wrist at a generous 9" in diameter or 22.9 cm long (4 1/2" on each side). It contains a split ring keychain, which is big enough to hold a large number of keys.

Key fobs are the perfect way to keep your keys organized and in plain sight! If your like me and have a hard time finding your keys hidden deep within your purse, then this is the perfect solution! You can even slip them right over your wrist, keeping them close when you are out shopping or have your hands full with a baby, bags, or other stuff.

And this is BStauffDesigns, she sells handbags and she's experiencing a tough time but this bag caught my attention:

This bag is modeled after a small evening bag from the 1950's. This bag is large enough for use as a small but practical day bag, and is brought into the 21st century by the quirky dressform fabric! This fabric is a lovely red with pictures of vintage black dresses on all over it. The fabric is also glittered to give it a special pop! This is so cute and would look great paired up with your own little black dress.

The handle is a very sturdy belting, covered in the main fabric. The bag is lined with a vintage rose cotton textile that adds a lovely touch to this feminine bag.

Bag measures 7"d x 10"w.
Do you know what I think??? I think you need to go over their shop and buy this amazing matching set!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Thank you sweetums!!! :hugs:

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