Thursday, March 5, 2009

Exciting News!!!

I'm here tonight, very tired but I had to post on my blog....lately I neglect it a little and I'm heartbroken for that!
The reason behind my limited time is in part because recently I become poster on 2 very important blog sites that I loved waaaaaaaaaaaaay before I joined the crew:
etsygiveaways and indie discounts.
Most people know that etsygiveaways does the hard job to promote all the giveaways coming from etsy sellers.
Indie discounts is newer and over there we promote special and sale hold in any online shop (etsy, artfire, shophandmade, ebay, etc).
So, If you have a giveaway or a sale to post, now you sure know where to go :)

Also, I'm revamping my etsy shop, I'm holding a spring cleaning sale to move out old inventory and make room for new, a little different items! So, stay tuned for more news!!


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