Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Awesome news!

As most of you know, I moved here is Florida around 3 and half years ago with my husband and my kids, leaving in Italy a piece of my heart and my my parents and siblings.

I got a green card 2 years ago and open this business in order to save up enough money to be able to fly in Italy every once in a while.
Well, my business had never be successful enough to pay for an airplane ticket, but you also know that I do appreciate every customer of mine and the money is being used to special doctor visits for my Gabriel.
My parents understood all this years, Gabriel is improving and I'm happy.

So I thank you for that, with all my heart.

Now, before the tears start coming out and I will start sobbing like a baby, I want to thank you again because with last month profit I was able to buy a kick ass GPS for my car and still have plenty for all that Gabriel will need for this month.

Why did I buy a GPS you might ask. I need it for my very first road trip and this time is all mine, no hubby (he wasn't able to take off from work) and no kids since I will need space in the car.

Why? Where am I going? I'm going to the airport in Atlanta to pick my mom and sister flying in from Italy tomorrow.

We're super happy and excited. Gabriel can't wait to see his nonna and my baby girl will kinda meet them for the first time since last time she saw my family she was 9 months old, too early to remember.

So, maybe my business will never be able to pay for me to go in Italy, but I was able to organize a comfortable enough trip in less then 3 days (yeah, they told me very last minute because wanted to make sure was really happening).

Now I'm sobbing and my heart is swelling with happiness and once again I sit here writing to all of you a

For all my customers, for all my friends, for all the people who encouraged me, gave advices and promote the heck out of me and just for reading this.....

Trying to give back a little, I invite you to enter a giveaway for $60 gift certificate for CSN.

And I also want to apologize in advance if I'll be a little be missing-in-action for the next month, but I want to spend as much time as possible with my folks.

I promise I will tell you all about is as soon as I can!

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Allison said...

Aww Lu you totally deserve this. Have a great time with your family!

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