Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Stove

About 5 months ago I moved in this new rental and I know I've been majoring slacking in showing pictures of it. Truth is, I'm still not 100% satisfied of how we're settled at the moment, I'm still moving furniture around to find the perfect "feel" for each room.
Of one thing I wasn't completely happy was the age of the appliances in the kitchen: I think it's safe to say that they are vintage lol But it's wasn't a deal breaker as long as they worked fine, but few months a go the stove started giving me grief. The oven worked on high temperature only, basically burning most of the dinners and the top of the stove worked sporadically, leaving me basically to microwave most of the food. I was getting upset 'cause I really love to bake.
Here is the "vintage" stove:

The landlord, learning about my cooking trouble, immediately rectified the situation with this new beauty directly from Sears

What? Are you asking where did I get those cute cupcake potholders?
They are my newest purchase from Marie, My1SweetAngel

Aren't those gorgeous or what??? But don't touch, those are mine! They match perfectly with the arpon I got for my craft show (read HERE)
Go find your own at My1SweetAngel!

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luvncrafts said...

The new stove looks great!! Our stove is WAY vintage!! I'm glad you got a nice, new one!! Those hot pads are adorable!!Christie (luv)

Miss Val's Creations said...

Congratulations on the new stove! I have the same exact one except it is electric. It is a great stove. Love those potholders!!! ~Val

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