Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas gifts!

Showing off what I got!!

The above beauty came from the Secret Santa Exchange with the members of the Trading Post guild on Artfire and it includes: a cupcake tote, a green cupcake ornament, 4 pink cupcake ornaments and lots of hot cocoa mixes (enjoying it a double chocolate one right now!)
The tote was handmade by studio914

Candles are a big weakness of mine and obviously my hubby cousin knew it! At the moment I'm burning one of the small and white ones and my house smells wonderfully as gingerbread cookies. Can't wait to lit the huge pink one!!!

I also got make up, nail polish, lotion, a basket of food, a Christmas decorated plate (perfect for leaving cookies to Santa), brownies and cash.

With the cash I'm planning to get me one of these iPod touch like this one

But I'm holding off as I have to fix my car brakes first :)

What did you get??

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