Sunday, February 26, 2012

Newsletter #25

Welcome back!!

Click To Go ShoppingI know, I know. I've been a while for a while, no update for 2 of more months, what happened?

A lot happened. Let's just say that I had to take a step back business wise while I took care of some issues in real life.

Are those issues resolved now? Well, it all depends on how you look at things. I guess, only time will really tell :)

But, business didn't suffer too much as I was very busy filling orders and for that I own you a big fat THANK YOU!!

What?? Do you think it's all chit chat? Think again and keep reading!!

As per today, if you buy anything from Crocheted Little Things as a registered buyer on Arfire, you get 5% off retail price!

But it's not enough!!!

Use the comment and share button of the right side of every item page to get anothe 5% off!

Are you a returned customer that really want to tell me how much are you enjoying your purchase? Or you simply want to share something you like from my shop with your friend and family? This is the feature for you that can help you save on your purchase!

And don't forget the SALE section! Most items marked at 15% off and ready to ship. WOW, that a total saving of 25%!!!

It's not over yet!!!

For every purchase made in my
Spa section, you will receive a soap sample from Sea Breeze.

I guess you better go shopping now before the deals end!

Until next time.....

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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I'm glad to hear that business hasn't slowed down despite your real-world hiatus :)

And as you say, only time will tell so there's no use in stressing out TOO much!

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