Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I wanna go away!

Ever felt like there is so much going on around you, that you would rather go away and hide under a rock that deal with all of it? 
 That's pretty much my place today, but then I'm a grown up with a strong sense of duty and I could never do that. 

But I can still dream. 

Wanna know about my pretend, dream land? Well, if I could, I think I'd love to be able to go and play casino games, at least once, maybe in Las Vegas? 


 I'm not at all a gambler, but since it's a pretending dream, let's pretend that I'm a fun person to start with, what's the arm? 

I think spending the day rolling the dices and just focusing on the numbers will do a good job keeping my mind off things for a while. 


 Let's keep pretending that I can still fit into a size M (now we're really dreaming!!), what a better shirt to wear to go play casino that the one above?
Where would you go? Would you come with me? We're still dreaming anyway, so anything is possible... post signature


Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Oh heck yes! Count me in :)

I think you'd win hands down wearing that shirt because other people won't pay attention to what their doing and let you win it all. LOL

Clay of said...

I am so over Vegas though, been there, done that, left nothing;-) There has to be some where more interesting!
Thanks for showing off our Shirt! I was so excited I had to tell every one that I could! Hope that brings you some traffic.
I checked to be sure but we do also have this shirt in L and XL!
Bat I do agree I am sure in need of a "Get Away" my self!

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