Friday, May 25, 2012

You're not "American"!

Attention: this is another rant post with fool language and my own personal opinion about a controversial issue. Skip it to be drama-free. Thanks 

I get that A LOT. I got somewhere, I say "Hi" to someone and the first question I get is: "Where are you from?" 
 It irks me to no end and I'm gonna explain why. 

I leave in the United States of America, I've been in Florida for the past 5 years, but was born and leaved in Italy until I was 24 years old. I came to this country with lots of dreams and broken English. I think I mastered the basic of the language over time but yet it remains a very strong Italian accent in my speaking. I find it hideous and I'm very self-conscious about it, but on the other end, it defines me and who I was before coming here and who I still am. 

So, when somebody hears me talking and calls me on it, I find it incredibly rude and I get really defensive. My husband always gets on me, trying to explain that people are curious and attracted by the exotic part of me, but dude, I don't say Hi to people and ask them if they are American before we are on a first name basis and I think other people should do the same. Yes, I'm a righteous ass hat that treats people with respect and expect the same. Bite me. 

I can't count the times that I've been told that America should not allow immigrants in, "all those illegals free loaders that comes over here and gets all the benefits, don't pay taxes and get money out of the country". 

Can't tell you how many people say that this is what made the American economy so bad. 

I won't even mentions the times that I had a legit complaint about something and was answered "If you don't like it, go back to your country". I would if I could, trust me. 

I've taken the habit to politely smile and trying to explain that I'm perfectly legal, I have a viable visa, I have authorization to work and pay my own taxes. Last one that I got today is "If you're not a citizen, it doesn't matter, you're offending me". NICE

So, if you are among those "Americans" that think that immigrations if wrong and that immigrants caused your country to be in a bad financial state, let me explain you a few things. 

It wasn't me, or any other immigrants, stealing jobs. It was you "Americans" that were too good to get some of the job that are now available only to us. How many "Americans" do you know that work on the constructions, scorching in the sun od the side of the road fixing the pavements? I only see Mexican and Latinos doing jobs like that. But you, "American" drive on that same road with your expensive gas-sucking SUV and push the horn to get the workers out of the way. 

 It wasn't me, or any other immigrant, getting money out of your country. It was you "Americans" that went to outsource jobs in cheaper places like India and Pakistan, importing cheap stuff Made in China and living the "American Dream" maximizing several credits cards while getting food stamps and social disability from your government. 

It wasn't me, or any other immigrant, stealing your "culture" as you already didn't have one. The "original Americans" were Indians, all the rest came from all over the world. Maybe if you'd study your own country history you will know that. 

Regarding of a person like me, on a green card, begin a "free loader" and "enjoying the benefits", let me tell you something. 

 I paid money to get my visa. You didn't have to pay for your birth certificate. 

 I paid money and time to learn your language. Yet, you ruining with slangs. 

I went to college in my country and paid for it, now I will have to pay to have my life translated so I can be worth to do your mani and pedi. Most of you, have already job offers before you finish college. 

 I haven't seen my birth family in years, you move from state to state to avoid yours. 

I study your country cultures and celebrate holidays accordingly, like thanking the troops that are fighting for America on Memorial Day. You run to Walmart to buy meat for your barbeque and beer to get drunk. You don't even know or respect your own holidays, let alone mine. 

At the age of 30, I'm raising 2 American kids, supporting and loving American husband and I own my (small) business. At the age of 30, the average American is overweight, depressed, laid off/quit the after college job, and went back to leave with mom and dad on Welfare. 

And you know what? My accent is thick and my skin may be a different color, but my mom gave me an education on manners, didn't stuck me on day care so she could go get her tan at the beach. 
To be here, in this country, I spent all my life saving, gave up all my dreams, estranged my family, lost my friends, lost big events like their wedding or their funeral. I'm still waiting to start "enjoying my benefits" I guess.

 Next time you want to call me "illegal free loader" just stub me in the heart instead: it's the same thing. 

I'm always honest, I help when I can, I give to charity and I try to be fair and a better person EVERY DAY. If that offends you, it's not my problem, but yours. 

You're an ignorant, racist, bigot and I feel sorry for you.

If by becoming "American" means I can become more like you, then I guess I will be a "free loader" for life.
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The Knitwit Hues said...

Lu, I wrote a comment, and on submission, it disappeared!

I'm so sorry that you have repeatedly faced prejudice and hatred like this. You are right that the people who are acting like this are ignorant -- ignorant of the history of this nation, as well as ignorant of people (like you) as individuals. They are so simple minded and biased that they feel they have the right to abuse others under the guise of being "American". This is insulting not only to you but to true Americans who are shamed, embarrassed and frustrated by this sort of behavior. It's inexcusable, and I fully understand and support your feeling that a "sorry" doesn't even begin to acknowledge what they have done and it is a meaningless apology.

This country is comprised largely of immigrants and their offspring, and these morons choose to ignore that. They also, as you mentioned, choose to ignore that Native Americans are the true Americans and rightful owners of this land. And rather than coming here and asking permission to stay and share this land, they chose to slander, cheat, belittle, slaughter and conquer the Americans, essentially stealing their land and lives from them.

I know that with people "in your face" and you constantly dealing with morons spouting hate, it's difficult to know that these really are the minority. That's usually the case -- the morons and ignorant ones think that by yelling and being aggressive that their insane opinions are somehow right and acceptable. The ones who do not feel this way are the majority, but they are the quiet ones. This is the case in most every disagreement, and it's sad.

Please know that most people really don't feel like this ignorant ones. We admire your struggle to come and to stay here, and we admire and support your hard work and sacrifices. I'm one of these quiet ones (tho you wouldn't know it from this lengthy comment!), and I am honored to know you even if from afar, and I admire and respect you completely. You ARE the perfect example of what this country is supposed to be about, and I hope you can know that most of us are extremely happy and grateful that you are here.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that this is happening, but know that I think you are great and hubby cannot really be a better person without you.

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