Friday, February 1, 2013

Trading: Soaplicity

Found a new shop I love though the pipes of the Trading Post: Soaplicity

The owner, Roshan, is a sweetheart and real piece of cake to work with it! So thrilled we worked out a trade! 
I was impressed by the mission of her store:
"Soaplicity was born out of my desire to eliminate as many toxins and chemicals from my family's daily routine and as simply as possible. After much research to learn about the properties of botanical and essential oils, clays, and organics, and experimentation (i.e. - using my family as test subjects. Don't worry, no family member was harmed in the development of any product), I now offer these wonderful products to the public!
That is how we can give you OUR PROMISE: you will never find artificial colors, artificial fragrances, microwave processes, parabens, sulfates, or cruelty testing in any of our products."

My eyes were immediately caught but her lilac soaps: I love lilac scented soap, I feel it's a very relaxing and soothing scent and that's what I need at the end of a long day. 
I was intrigued but the fact that she had 2 different lilac soaps listed in her shop and decided to get them both to see the difference between the 2! 

A big plus in choosing her bars for me was the inclusion in her formula of seeds and buds: call me silly, but it makes me feel close to nature when I wash with soaps like that, it feels natural and just "right". 

My interest was even more acute when I received the sweetly wrapped soaps: I could already smell the difference between the 2 bars. 


Lavender Kiss has a clear and sweet orange note. 
From Roshan description: "A tantalizing blend of lavender, orange, and patchouli essential oils makes this bar deep-breathing heaven. A moisturizing blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Cocoa Butter deep conditions the skin while it cleans, and locks in moisture all day. Topped with organic lavender buds and calendula pedals. A "must try" for lavender fans." 
I couldn't agree more! I found this soap to be very soothing, yet at the same time the citrus hint make it energizing as well: perfect to use before heading out for a big day when you need to be focused and relaxed and conquer that big project you've been chasing.


Luxe lavender instead is truly soothing and relaxing, perfect to wash off the stress of the week off your skin, with a gentle note of vanilla and the perfect amount of oatmeal to exfoliate and cleans.
I strongly suggest you visit her shop as she has some pretty sweet deals going on: "At Soaplicity, we love our customers so now through February 14th, when you leave a comment on one of our fantastic products you get 20% off your entire order! We are also giving FREE SHIPPING on all orders of US $20.00 or more with coupon code: SOAPYLUV13" post signature


Anonymous said...

The soaps look beautiful and I bet they smell delicious!

Handmade Cuties

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I have a soft spot for handmade soap products; I completely agree that washing with them makes you just feel GOOD :)

Lilac is one of my favorite scents, so I'd love to get a bar or two for myself!

Congratulations on your newest trade!

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