Sunday, May 19, 2013

Palmolive soft touch review

I was the lucky duck that qualified for a Palmolive Soft touch liquid dish soap giveaway through Influenster

This is my first review through this program, so I was very excited to be selected and the excitement sure grew when I found this pretty box in my mail box!
 The inside was even more exciting as I received not one, but TWO bottles of dish soap and lots of coupons!

  photo DSCI0638.jpg 

 I had to rush to the sink and try the soap! I guess it's a good thing that dirty dishes never cease to exist in my house.

  photo DSCI0639.jpg 

The first thing a girl do near anything soap-like? Sniff, of course! 
So I opened the bottles and take a good whiff.......ahhhhh! 
I decided to wash my dishes with the pink one, the small is divine! 

I must confess that I'm a little of a cheapo when it comes to household cleaners, so when I need them I usually go for a the cheapest store brand just to realize that it makes a lot of bubbles but it's not so effective in cleaning, it leaves dirt behind or worse, a film on my dishes, or doesn't smell that great after all. 
So I pledge to get a better brand when I use up the bottle, but then I found myself back to the store, comparing prices and choosing the cheap stuff again :( 

With the Palmolive, I was very impressed! While it clearly bubbles up in the water, it's not excessive. It takes out dirt and stains from my dishes quickly and effectively and it is really gentle on my hands. 

I'm telling you, the pink bottle smells good enough to want to bathe in it!!!

I've learned my lesson and truly believe that you get what you pay for, so as soon as I'm done with this bottle, the Palmolive soft touch will go on my next grocery list also thanks to the coupons!

Should I be a good girl and share or just keep everything for myself??? LOL
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