Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Phantom Patrol: Review and giveway

I'm having the chance to read and review another book published by Galaxy Press , just like a did for The Iron Duke (HERE) and Dead Men Kill (HERE).
In my previous post, I also talked about the author, L.Ron Hubbard and briefly explained about gold Age pulp fictions.
But if you need to refresh your memory, here an informative video for you.
 Synopses of The Phantom Patrol: (from book flap)
On the trail of dope runners on the high seas, Coast Guard CPO Johnny Trescott receives an SOS from a transport plan that's crashed and sinking. With lives at stake, Johnny must cut off his pursuit and rescue the downed plane.
Unfortunately, the dope-smuggling pirate he's chasing hears the same alarm, and greets Johnny and his crew at the crash scene with something far more than they bargained for.

My review: 
I fell yet inlove with another of L.Ron Hubbard novel. As the previous ones I reviewed, there is everything is these pages: romance, thriller, action and justice with an happy ending. As the other books, I drink it up in one afternoon unable to put it down.
This one impressed me a little more about the descriptions of the surroundings as the story takes place on boats on the open sea and with the description on the storm on the very first chapter I could swear I was on the same boat with the characters getting sea-sick. A writer able to do that, needs my respects and L.Ron Hubbard certainly earned mine.
The characters are very credible and well described too.
You can't help but feel pure admiration for Johnny Trescott, for his strength and his high moral in doing what's right no matter what it might cost him. And through him, you literally can feel in your heart the same feeling he shares for Alicia, the unspoken but undoubted trust and respect they have for each other.
But what will a hero be without his loyal side kick, Heinie? His character is very pleasant, no pathetic as other side kicks in the other books I've read. He has a good heart and a good brain and, mostly importantly, helpful hands.
The villain of the story is pure evil which leaves very little to mystery and imagination, but it's still totally believable. And as every evil, he has no brain and no loyal friends, just scumbags submitted my fear.
I was skeptical of this book as I don't know much about boats or fishermen, that's why I left it for last as among all the titles it was the one that grabbed my attention the least, but I was pleasantly surprised!

The giveaway:  {The phantom patrol book and Audio set}

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You must be 18 and older to enter this giveaway.
Open to US Residents ONLY. Sorry, international peeps!
This is a Rafflecopter giveaway with 2 mandatory entries and 7 optional entries with the possibility to tweet everyday for 2 weeks..... that's about 24 chances to win!
Contest will run from May 13th 2013 and will end May 27th 2013.

Good luck! 



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