Wednesday, January 29, 2014


It's official! Winter in the south has definitely changed. January 29th 2014, first time we had snow in Florida in over 20 years.

Yesterday, it was such an horrible day for me. I woke up with a terrible muscle ache in my upper arm and couldn't figure out when or where I hurt myself. 
Then, I got news that my grandmother, my mom's mom, passed away in the early hours of Italy time. 

Here I am, hurting physically and emotionally, stuck in the house for a winter storm, road closed, screaming kids in the house......I so wanted a do-over! 

But today, I woke up and there was white, fluffy stuff all around.It might be cold outside, but something melted inside me for sure. 
I like to think that it's her, or a sign of her, snow all around, a way to tell me she's always around me even if I can't see her anymore. 
Might be silly but I like to think of that. 

Good bye grandma! 
You never were the warm and fuzzy kind of grandma, but you did show your love to me, you thought me to be strong and I will never forget that. Fly away to you husband and to your child that you lost way to early, you were so strong to live until you were 90 years old, carrying inside you the burden to have lost at child when he was barely 20. I never met my uncle, but through you, I loved him just the same.
 I can't imagine how hard that could have been for you, that's why I always squeezed you twice when I left your home. Once for me and once for the child you no longer had. 
From you I take my green eyes, my dark brown hair that make me different from everyone in my family since that are all darker. I'm picky and have high standard just like you were and I'm proud of being like you.
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