Monday, January 27, 2014

Look Beneath the Surface

Almost a month since last post.....what can I say! The new job and the online courses related to it, plus lesson planning and teacher trainings are keeping me very very busy! 
Not complaining, I'm loving it! 
 But today I want to share this poem with you. It was part of the reading material for a paper I had to write and it really struck a cord with me. 
So, here it goes: 

Look Beneath the Surface 
My voice may sound different than yours, but I speak your language. 
We speak the same language, but we say different things. 
I hear what people say about me and it isn’t pretty. 
Everyday I’m criticized because of my accent. 
I study hard and try to learn all I can about American culture, but that’s not enough.
 My voice holds me back. 
How would you like to hear what I hear? 

My eyes may look different than yours, But I see the same world. 
I see the same things you do, but you see me differently. 
You may see me as grade competition, but I work hard in school because going to college in America is a big deal to me. 
I see the way you treat me and it doesn’t look good. 
How would you like to see what I see? 

My skin may look different than yours, but I feel the same things. 
I have the same feelings you do.
 I laugh and I cry, but I do it for different reasons. 
I never hurt anyone, But I still know what it’s like to be feared. 
I get angry knowing that my hard work in school may not pay off because of my skin color. 
How would you like to feel what I feel? 

By Cynthia Lysen, University of Florida The Network Newsletter of Broward ESOL Council, Winter 1994 

This poem struck a cord with me because unfortunately I encounter this kind of behavior quiet often! 
Do you remember my "You're not American!" post

I thought after getting my citizenship one year ago things would get better. 
And many things improved, but many others stayed the same as I encountered the same prejudices and discrimination twice in the last week. 

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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Unfortunately people are going to see what they're going to see regardless of how much you try to prove to them.

That's why you should only care about what those people who support you-THEY'RE the only ones that matter :)

Aside from you that is. YOU and what YOU think about what you're doing are the most important!

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