Thursday, August 27, 2009


Tonight My heart is just full of happiness and joy even tho I'm still fighting a bad stomachache.
This morning I woke receiving more love from the "Shops with less than 10 sales" blog from the ArtFire guild and I couldn't be more pleased. The members of the guild are awesome, especially the moderator, Kim, is such a sweetum.
Sales are picking up and I'm preparing myself for the holiday rush....can't wait!
But enough talking about me!
All of you, or at least most of you, know that I'm working really closely with Michele, Sweet Irie owner especially on her....ahemm our blog. I own her so much in so many ways and I really wish I can met her in real life and squeeze her with all my love.
But even tho, we haven't me yet, we virtually hang out together as much as we can trying to know as much as possible about each other and few days ago she showed me her portofolio. Not only she makes the best sewed goodies that I've ever seen, that are so perfect that you can't even tell it's "handmade" (see picture above!), but he sweet hands and her amazing brain can create the most wonderful design like this:

Or this beautiful portrait of herself:

But those are really just a small example of what you can see in her portofolio all made by Michele by scratch!!!
Isn't she talented?? What do you think??

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