Saturday, August 29, 2009

A nice surprise in the mail :)

Recently I came across a very nice gal, while working on Etsygiveaways, Cat the sweet owner of Polarity and Uncorked on Etsy. She thought to send me "a little something" (her words not mine!) to thank me for my time on posting giveaways.
Although I was expecting something in my mail, I'll never thought to be so pleased.
Here, look for yourself and see what she sent me:

I'm amazed of the quality of this locket and the care in details that Cat puts in her creations like the gracious round tin to store your locket and the extra lids.
Cat really makes items for every taste and style, my favorite are the definitions lockets,I love the idea and the concept behind them !

And she also makes coordinate earrings, bracelets, rings, key rings.

Polarity lockets are recycled from a little auto part that with the help of some amazing little magnetic lids turns one necklace into many!

Cat is also behind a very cool blog, Olive bites where she's having a fabulous giveaway Definitely worth it to check it out!
So what do you think?? Did you enjoy see her creations??? Go check her out, her lockets make a very thoughtful gift some that special someone hard to buy for and Christmas is just around the corner!!

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