Friday, October 23, 2009

Featuring: PurrPrints

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Oh my, have I neglected my pour blog lately! Not good! But I'm finally here to introduce you to another amazing seller: PurrPrints.
As some of you already know, I joined the crew of Etsy Giveaways a while ago, but contrary to what somebody thinks, that adorable and useful blog it's not completely mine. I love it and cherish like mine, but the real fonder is Becca, alias PurrPrints.
She really know what she saying and doing about giveaways and I wanted to share with you some tips that she posted on her blog. If you have questions about giveaways or how to go about doing one, I really recommend you all to read her post.
And if you are a pro and would like to share your tips with us, please join this forum thread: we'll appreciate your feedback!

Kitty Love Print 5 x 5 - Customizable colors, sizes - $10

I'm taking the time to feature all the people in the Etsy crew, but wanted to start with her since she's really amazing and her work are awesome and I must say even tho her category it's really hard to sell, she's doing wonderfully!

Build your own Pendant. - $18

In her etsy shop you'll find prints of different dimensions, cards, pendants, magnets and ACEO all with a cat-theme!
I personally love cats and I find her style very elegant and chic, yet really colorful and playful, don't you think?

Enjoy knowing Becca a little better from her profile:

I love cats and ink, and I never agreed with the idea that all cat artwork must look like mass-produced cracker-barrel-style kitchiness. I use a combination of hand-drawn, digital, and print techniques to produce my range of work; I also create cat-free artwork, viewable in the "art without cats" section of the store (but shh, don't tell my kitties I'm not always drawing them).

Though etsy is my main love (I adore handmade!), I do have shops at cafepress and zazzle as well to sell items I simply can't make yet on my own. You can visit those by going to and

I'm also an eager blogger who always drops back in on commenters and EntreCard droppers; you can see my musings on cats, art, crafts, and occasional random asides at

Teams I'm an excited member of:
*Etsy for Animals*--I periodically donate items to their charity shop at
*SquidEtsy*--you can learn more about this team, of which I am a co-founder, at
*Freethinkers* -- see cool team goodies at
*Cruelty Free Etsy* -- check out the team blog at for great ideas on where to shop for cruelty-free items.
*Bluegrass Etsy* -- a Kentucky-based street team
*Etsy Bloggers* -- visit them at

Ooo--and be sure to check out my hubby's photos at

NOTE FOR SILK-SCREENERS: I'm also hoping to find a fabric artist on here who might want to partner with me on turning my designs into pillows--I know a few places that would like to sell them, but I'm hopeless as a silk-screener!

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