Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday personal post

It's Sunday again and it's time for a personal post.
I had a super sweet awakening this morning: I woke up from my kids kisses and hugs! Super sweet I say!

Here the last updates:

1- Gabriel Status: We got rid of the yukky medication (and the doctor whom prescribed them!) and Gabriel is improving a lot! He's able to focus more at school and in his homework and the teacher is gonna start him on writing in smaller print soon. He's enjoy his soccer practice tremendously and the diet is giving terrific results: he's now eating more and more variety, even food that he rejected before!!! I'm so proud of my little guy :)

2- I worked out a nice trade and I won a super duper giveaway: Stay tuned to read more about it.

3- I did something really hmmmm good for my business but kinda of scary too: Under the direction of my super best friend Michele at Sweet Irie. But this will be another blog post LOL

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