Thursday, October 29, 2009

Featuring Risky Beads

Ok reader, as I pre announced in a previous post, I'm here to tell you about some nice trades that I worked out for Christmas gift. Here to you the first one: Risky beads.
I met Lori a while ago when I was looking for some inexpensive way to promote my shop and joined the Handmade Highway and thought I'm not really into jewelry I fell in love with her creations, specially her necklaces and pendants.

I LOVE the fact the every necklace has a name, the one above is "Eye of the Storm". Isn't it gorgeous with all those colors and the luxurious organza ribbons and leather cord??
Also, all the jewelry are extra unique because they come with a little poem, a specific story that is unique for every piece.

This one for instance is called "Mermaid autopsy" and the story behind recite: "Say what you want, but clearly she loved the sea more than the handsome prince. Just look at all that emotion for the ocean".
I don't know about you, but I found this little story very evocative, give me the impression to buy far more that a pendant!
Beside necklaces and pendants, Lori also sells gorgeous earrings (very reasonable priced), original nurse Purses, bracelets, bookmarks and key chains and her Etsy guide like this one:

I find it very useful and give me a little push for big decision that I took recently!(more on this topic soon!)
She's also destashing her supplies at Risky Stash and has a very interesting blog where My cupcakes were feature few days ago.
Well, I hope you enjoyed knowing Lori as much as I did!
And sty tuned for my next trade/feature :)

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