Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm back too!

Well, from Atlanta anyway.

I got my mom and sister on the airplane and drove back home in a miserable state all by myself.....America doesn't look the same without them by my side.

I'm trying to cope with the fact that I miss them at the point to feel sick, I try to think at the wonderful days and moments spent together. I promised myself that I would be happy and grateful that they came instead of sad and lonely when they'd be gone.
But I guess I can't. I'm not strong enough.

I wonder around my house, their absence is so heavy and I fight with myself to not cry.
Then I stumble in sister forgot a pair of her shoes in the bedroom, my mom left her favorite hand cream in the bathroom, their bed still warm, little homemade meals frozen in my fridge for my enjoyment.....and I can't help, the tears just start flowing down, a knot in my throat and the minds goes back......Then I open my eyes again, feeling silly for crying and missing them so much. They're home with my dad, got back to their things probably missing me and my kids too.

And I'm alone again!

Trying to get the control of my emotions and pick up the phone so I can talk to them, but the phone call never last long enough, I have to excuse my self and go hide my tears.......

I guess we never grew up enough to get out of touch with the family. Friends come and goes, but family always stay there for you, no matter what, no matter how many miles away you run or how much time goes by they have to be 10000 miles away? Wish all the land in the Earth was closer, distance just an emotion in our mind, money just useless paper and love the king of Earth.
But than I could also wish for no more hungry people, no war and no cancer. I'd be greedy don't ya think?

I promise to share with you some glimpse of their visit here with picture and all. I think it will help me cope with the fact that I miss them so much. In the meanwhile, if you have other suggestion for me to get over this withdrawing, I'd be grateful :)

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