Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday cupcake Find

This Monday is a tribute to my dear friend Sweet irie and her cupcake goodies!

She recently reopened her Artfire Studio and what better welcome we can give her???
Her items are also on sale, so you better run and check her studio out!

Cupcake Gift Set
Wristlet and Key Fob Combo Set -Cupcakes, $22.50 by Sweet Irie

Whats smaller than a purse, bigger than a wallet and more adorable than anything you've ever seen? If you guessed this stylish wristlet you would be absolutely right! And the awesomeness gets more awesome, because it comes paired with a matching key fob strap that clips right on so you'll have everything you need in one super-fashionable package.

Nearly three times the size of a coin purse, the wristlet easily holds all the necessities a cell phone, makeup, checkbook, sunglasses or whatever else you just cant be without. Handmade with designer fabric accents, this little sweetie has two layers of luxurious thick fleece and a double-layer of interfacing for stability, wristlets measure approx. 8.5" x 5.5" (21.59 cm x 13.97 cm).

The coordinating strap can be made with your choice of a Sweet Irie key fob or 3/4 thin strap, both made with webbing (for support) and the same designer fabric as the wristlet. Strap is big enough to slip on and off your wrist easily at approx. 10.5" (26.67 cm) and includes a split-ring keychain. (See last picture for an example of each strap.)

Do you have a cupcake to share with me??? XO

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