Monday, August 9, 2010

A picnic...well kinda!

With my mom and sister here with us, we decided to take a trip and go to Ponce De Leon on Saturday to have a wonderful picnic.
We cooked, bought stuff, load the car and off we went.
55 minutes later we were there and by the time we unloaded the car and start eating, rain started to fall so heavy that we had to leave :(
Thundering and everything too :(
Very sad indeed! But we can't stop laughing thinking that our picnic didn't last more than 5 minutes!!!!
This is a pic we took all 3 of us while in the car waiting for the rain to calm down

Gross I know!! We had to wait almost an hour sitting in the car to get out of there, since the rain was so thick I couldn't see pass 10 feet....yeah that bad :(

Not a bad day all in all, just definitely not a picnic kinda of day!

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