Thursday, November 4, 2010

Look what I've got!!

Lots to say, you see.
I want to thank a few people.

First is Tina of Tina's Treasures for writing a sweet blog post featuring some of my items. You can read all about it here.

Then, I want to thank Shannon of Faded Leaves for posting my interview on her blog.
Watch out the next posts for a feature about her beautiful jewelry :)

Also, if you're not familiar with CraftJuice you should be. It's a cool site when artisans can submit their art and people can vote. If you get more than 5 votes, they will tweet your listing.
I have 3 product up there right now:
Strawberry pincushion
Pumpkin pincushion
Cupcake Boob
Your votes will be highly appreciated, just register for an account and click on the UP arrow :)

One more thing: Twitter hash tags are your friend. No seriously!
I had the luck to "meet" Cori and what seemed just an exchange of silly tweets, became a trend on twitter. Search for #OMGChristmas to see for yourself and read on Cori's blog how all starter, what it is and how your can join us too:)

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