Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jean love

There is a falling angel on ArtFire land and a group of artisans are gathering together to support her.
Want to help us? Join us, it's easy.
Either shop from the studios donating their proceeds to Jean, donate your proceeds or promote us. A little tweet can make a big difference :)

If you are a participating studio, please feel free to link here! Post your name (or business name) and pick a picture, let's show Jean some love!!!

This linky will stay active all month, if the initiative will last longer I will reopen it. Thanks!

Edit to add: Some people are having difficulties using the linky widget. Please just leave me a comment (all the comments reach my inbox) and I will link for you.
Even if you're able to use the linky, please leave a comment with the details of your contribution.

As for myself, I'm having a 50% sale and all the profit from those items will be donated directly to Jean via PayPal. Plus I already picked few shops to buy from that are donating their profits :)

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Sherry said...

ptptptptttt, I tried the Linky thing, but it's not showing up.
Here's a link to a "Jean love" search page at ArtFire. Over 2000 items from a variety of shops, pledged in part or total, to help Jean aka Ladyhawk.

Prayers winging for Jean and her family and friends!!!

Thanks, m'dear, for one more way to spread the word!


Sherry said...

I am pledging 30% of all January sales for my sterling collar/neckwires and the two styles of magnetic and copper bracelet/anklets. I can duplicate all of them, so I'll relist as often as there are sales for Jean in January.

magnets -

and -

neckwire -

YourTime said...

Hi Lu, what a great idea!! I am planning on donating 100% of proceeds from all sales until I total $50 and will keep going longer if I can after the first $50 ... fingers crossed.

Artful Mosaic Supplies said...


I couldn't figure out the linky thing so I'm posting here.

In my studio I am offering 50% of proceeds from the sale of my china mosaic tiles for Jean.

Section: Mosaic Tiles

Everything is tagged and can also be found by typing "jeanlove" in the search.

Now for some sales ;-)

bluetina said...

I added myself to the linky thingy. I'm donating 10% of all sale proceeds for January.

Picklevalentinevintagebeads said...

Hi, I would like to link for Jean. I am donating 10% of all sales from my shop. My ArtFire address is

Thank you for doing this. Libby

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