Sunday, December 19, 2010

My work space

Well, with the death on my PC recently, are gone all my pictures and with them ideas of blogging topics.
But have no fear, I'm taking new pics and new blogging posts are coming!!
For tonight I thought I'd share few pics of my working area, were all the "Crocheted Little Things" are born.
I recently reorganized, but there is still room for improvements lol
This is the "work table" as I see it sitting from my computer desk. You can see my sewing machine and behind it a green box with scissors, tape, business cards and tags for shipping my packages out. "Attached" at the wall there are 6 huge boxes full of acrylic yarn organized by color. All my yarn used to be stored on a crazy big bin under the table you see in the picture, but when someone inquired about a specific color, was a PITA go through everything to see if I could find the magic skein. Now, I just have to turn my head from the computer and answer: "Yes, ma'am, the color you're looking for is currently available" :)
The 2 white cardboards that you see under boxes and poly fill and spare yarn is my "photo set up" that is actually not "set up" at the moment lol
The pastel colored skein of yarn is waiting for me to crochet some handmade Christmas gifts :)

This is instead my computer station from where I'm typing right now and each and every day(unless it decide to blew up again like last week end!)

And this is where I store my fine threads and cotton yarn and have my loyal scale on top of it.

Hope you enjoyed see where I work and from where I write to you everyday. If you'd like to share your work space with me, I'd love to see it!!

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Created Sensibilities said...

Looks good. Mine definitely does not look that neat. salaz

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