Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Your Time

Showing off a little something-something I got my self for Christmas and enjoying it soooooo much!!!
Comes from an amazing ArtFire studio, Your Time and I couldn't be more pleased than that!

Yummy Chocolate Lip balm tube, Handmade All Natural Treat Lipbalm, $2.95 by Your Time

When I saw the words yummy and chocolate I know there was something for me there and the word natural just called me for pushing the "Add to cart" button! I've been using it for over a week now and I'm addicted to it!! Now I can hide all the chocolate Iwat, blaming the fact that my mouth smells like chocolate from the lip balm and nothing else! lol

Lata was super quick to ship it to me and is a super sweet person to deal with!
Right now, she's participating to the Jean Love movement (see previous post for details): she will donate 100% of her proceeds from all sales until she total $50!!! Super generous isn't she?

So if you need jewelry, lip balms or soap and what to support Jean at the same time, this is the right time to shop, Your Time to shop to be more precise!

I have my eyes on this pretty!!!

Whipped Cream Soap in Your Choice of Scents, $4 by Your Time

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YourTime said...

Oh how sweet of you, Lu!! I am so happy you like it :-). Yeah it's awesome you can blame your lip balm for your mouth smelling like chocolate and not your chocolate addiction LOL I should try that!

As for Jean Love, it is truly an honor to be able to do this for a fellow artisan. If anyone would like to purchase anything from my shop, please use the coupon AFLOVE for 10% off everything (I will still donate the full purchase price).

Thanks again for this opportunity, Lu!!

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