Friday, May 20, 2011

The rapture

Have you heard?
Tomorrow (well actually in 2 hours lol) should be some kind of end of the world or the new Messiah coming to punish the bad people.
Hare you ready?
I'm not sure what to be ready for.
I know some people hurried up to put their affairs in order or do a last act of redemption....
Personally, I don't think it matter, 'cause if the world ends nobody is going to to be there to "see" if you're affairs are in order lol
I do believe in another life after death, but in my opinion wouldn't really matter if you left all you inheritance to your lost cousin or what.

I plan to got to the post office tomorrow to mail out some items I traded for in the last trade event on Artfire, then go to work. And I do have plans for Sunday too, so I guess ultimately I'm saying that nothing will happen tomorrow.

But just in case, let me say that I love you all......

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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

And we all love you too!

But look what time it is-A whole 6 1/2 hours after said earth was to open and swallow us up! LOL

Looks like someone was off on their calculations =P

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