Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Al last.....

I'm sure most of my readers are wondering why I'm not writing anymore. The reason is the the past few months have been a little bit of a roller coaster with so many things happening one after another that was difficult for me to absorb them all and put them down in writing.
But now I really need to get some of it now.

It's barely 7 am here and I've been up from 1 hour already. Why?
Gabriel started at his new school today. And nope, it's not the school where my daughter is going, the one that he wanted in so badly. They decided he wasn't good enough for them. Instead the county sent him 30 miles away. I guess for the Okaloosa County is perfectly fine for a disabled child to have to wake up before 6 to be sent to a school far away to get some "services" that the local school seems to think they don't need to provide. It sucks and it's wrong. They are wrong by thinking that I'm just going to accept that.

So after fighting from September, hiring a lawyer and threatening legal action, my son still didn't get in the school he wanted. Maybe I'm old, but when I was school age I picked my own school and my parents had a say so if they deemed that inappropriate for any reason. For the Okaloosa county the students opinion is nothing and parents are just tax payers fools. Nice.

I'm so worried for my boy today and I know that I'm more scared than he is.
It's 7.20 now and I imagine he just made it to school and somebody is directing him to his classroom. I can only hope that he remembers me telling him to listen to what people say and pay attention so he will get in the right classroom. You see, for people with Autism like me and him every new thing seems out of place for a while and can be very scary. This morning for him all it's new and although I know we showed him the way to cope with all that and he has been doing wonderfully, part of me still fears. But of course I do, is the Autism making me talk this way.

This will be a very loooooooooooooong day I can tell.....

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