Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year Everyone! I wish to all of you reading this, much happiness and prosperity.

For me I do have a few new resolutions, but before I get into that, I will like to review the resolution I had last year READ HERE

  • I wanted to lose wait and sorry to say folks, I kept my promise up until March, then I just fall back into my old habits. Didn't gain any from last January tho, so not too bad.

  • I wanted to find a part time job and guess what?? It happens! Now to find a better one.....LOL

  • Trip in Italy didn't happen and will not for a while :(

  • My wish was to get 300 sales on my artfire shop my the end on 2011....well., I guess 274 is close enough, what do you think??

Many things happens, some very good (Gabriel graduation just recently), some a little bit less good (like moving, car troubles, etc).

For next year I have something I want to accomplish badly:

  • On top of the list, getting Gabriel in the same school as Michelle.

  • Found a better job (better hours and/or better pay)

  • But mostly an attitude change: I'm gonna smile all the time, just to piss off the people that are trying to bring me down :D I pledge to just smile bigger when someone will say something rude or offensive and to complain less and send people to (insert bad word here) sooner....and all with a smile.....who's with me?

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