Monday, March 26, 2012

Kitchen curtains!!

Finally here! I worked on my kitchen a little every day during spring break and finally I have it all decorated!

The curtains are made in 3 panels with a valance made out of cupcake fabric matching the pillow covers I got from Sewnfromtheheart a while back and the entire window is covered in black light and sheer knit fabric

Why black, you ask? Well, let's just say that since I don't have a private fence on the back of my house, I caught the neighbor kid picking through the kitchen windows, specially when my kids are doing homework which is appalling and distracting.

The sheer knit material allow us to still see outside, but keep the unwanted lookers out of sight.....(see what I did here??)

We still get plenty of light in the kitchen, plus they offer a wonderful shade in the hot summers. And If I need more light, I made little pulls for them in matching cupcake fabric.

On the other side of the windows I have the back door and I thought this wonderful needle point made especially for me from My1SweetAngel was perfect to decorate it, don't you think?

Now all that was left was to decorate the table, but I didn't have enough material to make a table cloth :/
So, I got thinking and I said to myself: why don't leave the table naked and just decorated it with a table runner?? I think it looks very modern and family was happy about the change.

Still, I have few little fabric scraps and I wonder: what to do, what to do? Experimenting of course! (Up for grabs by the way!)

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Miss Val's Creations said...

Beautiful work Lu! I love the look of the black sheer fabric against the light walls. The table runner is perfect. Table clothes are a pain in the butt since they move around too much. Infortunately my kitchen table is glass so I need to keep one on it!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Oh WOW! NOW I can tell that's your kitchen Lu :)

I think it's suites you and your personality beautifully! Now if only I was that crafty with fabric. Lol

luvncrafts said...

Beautiful! Your house looks like fun! I like the cupcake sign too! Cute!

luvncrafts said...

Beautiful! Your house looks like fun! I like the cupcake sign too! Cute!

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