Sunday, September 30, 2012

The ONE Run

Isn't my daughter just darling watching all those runners go?? 

 I promoted this race before and yesterday was finally the day! It was lots of fun but today I totally paid the price of the fatigue. 
Still, it was totally worth it! 

This is me and hubby waiting for the race to start!

But let me tell you, I was tickled from Friday when I picked up my registration packet:
Of course, the packet contained my runner number (47), my personalized shirt that says "My Child is the ONE" and then lots of goodies from local sponsors like a bag from LuluLemons, an Autism Awareness bracelet, a clip holder from Chelco, tooth brush, tooth paste and floss from the local dentist, coupon for spa treatment, a beauty class and a night club coupon, plus free pass for the bowling alley and gift certificates along with soap, shampoo and facial creme samples.....even a pen and a drink holder.....JACK POT! 

My personal contribution was to crochet the medals that went to the winner. 
I created a small puzzle piece and I choose the colors green and blue as they are the colors of the school we were raising money for, the Emerald Coast Autism Center.

This is me running it!!

And this is how I looked after finish the whole 5K.....OMG!

Hubby even took a picture of my coming out of the port-a-potty, but I spare you that one! 

The things I'd do for this little guy!!
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Judy SheldonWalker said...

So awesome. We have a little guy who is autistic which prompted me to research and write on the topic. Good for you!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

You are one amazing person and mother my dear friend Lu! You can definitely tell from these pictures that you're so very passionate about this, and rightfully so!

Very proud and impressed that you finished the whole 5k :)

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