Friday, June 21, 2013

imPRESS Broadway nails review

Do you remember my previous post about the Vox Box review from Influenster??
Well, if you don't simply scroll down and read it!
In the box there was a pretty package of fake nails from imPRESS that I didn't have quite the chance to use then and wanted to save for a special occasion.
Well, Wednesday was my birthday and I couldn't think of a better way to give myself a "treat". 
The plan was to go to my usual mani place, but money and time really didn't allow that, why not try the Broadway nails instead??
I must confess 2 things before I proceed with this review. 
First: I never EVER in my life used fake nails before so I didn't know what I was doing. 
Second: I wasn't very fond of the design that I found in the box and was very skeptical about these nails. 

That said, the night before my birthday I was in bed enjoying a movie and I thought I would give them a try. 
As I said, I have no experience with fake nails so it took me a while to figure out that they came in different sizes and I had to kinda pick the ones that better fit my own nails.....let just say that it's a good thing that I started on my left hand, so any booboo were made there!! 
As you can see, some of the nails I applied are slightly big for my hand but by the time I was working on my right hand, I had a better handle on it!
I found them very easy to put on, the instruction were written on the side of the package and basically all you have to do is peel the wrapper off and press on your nails. 
I like the fact that the tab will tell you what part went on the bottom and what part what the tip, that helped me a lot! 

They felt really strange on when I was all done, but decided to leave them on for the night, sleep with them and see I felt in the morning. 

I must confess that dress up in the morning was a little awkward as they are a little longer of my real nail, plus I was afraid they will chip or come off. But they didn't! 
Typing at the computer was also a challenge the very first day, but it's been 3 days now and I can honestly say that you get used to it and eventually re-train your movements to do your things with them on. 

I'm a very busy person, working at a day care and with 2 children and a household to run, I figured that the first time I put my hands in the water or took a shower, they would come off, but they didn't. Truthfully, only one came off from my right thumb but I think I didn't apply it correctly to begin with. It's awesome that the kit comes with 24 pieces in it, just for these situations, so you can have a whole set for several days.
As I said I wasn't really fond of the design either. 
I visited the imPRESS Broadway nails website and found so many other designs that I would have preferred to this one, mostly the simple and plain ones. I really couldn't figure out why I had the luck to receive the most fancy design and worried that it will look tacky on me!!! But I have to admit that they look pretty good instead and since they have a black and white scheme, they went well with all the outfits I changed in and  I think the little sparkle of glitter is more than appropriate for a summer look. 

I'm very happy I got to try them and really impressed. Even if they won't last a whole week, I think it's a good product to have around for a special event when time is lacking and much cheaper of a manicure with plenty of wonderful choices.

June 25th: Little update! It's been a full week now and they are still on even tho I hand wash dishes on a regular basis! I might need to buy more of them!
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