Monday, June 17, 2013

Influenster Vox Box

Had the pleasure to receive the so coveted purple box in the mail few days ago: the Influenster Vox Box!
Full of wonderful goodies......what a blessing to be able to try them! 
Here they are in all their splendor.....well, almost all of them!
As you can see from the wrapper, the first thing I "used" was the new Tastykake Kandy Bar kakes.

 Now, I have few excuses for devouring the whole thing at first sight without taking pictures of it or sharing it with, I got the box out of my mail box on a late Saturday afternoon after cleaning condos on the beach all day long, I was hungry, thirsty, tired and with no willing to cook myself anything, completely vulnerable.....XO

Truth is that it was a delicious chocolate care, made with Hershey cocoa. It smelled fantastic when I opened the wrapper and let me tell you: it was soft like if it was freshly baked that very day! 60 g of pure goodness of a chocolate covered cake with a creamy filling.....Yummy in a wrapper for 260 calories. Even with a person like me that is watching what I eat, it is totally worth it to include this snack in!! Definitely gonna find the closer distributor and stock up on those! 

The second product to come out of the Influenster Vox Box was the clear gel deodorant by Secret. It came in just in time as I was running out of my deodorant and was contemplating choosing a different brand from the one I was using as I was having problem with discoloration of my clothes in the underarm area. I usually prefer roll-on to the clear gel, but the Secret was a pleasant surprise ad it dries pretty quickly so it doesn't wet your clothes. 
I also was very thrilled that when I removed to cap, there was a protective paper slip on the top, a seal to assure the customer that the product is new and never been used before you. I don't know about you, but I always wonder when I buy deodorant at the store that someone before me might have tried on and put it back on the shelf.....eeeeewwwwwwwwwww! But it happens believe me! With the seal on the Secret deodorant, there is no doubts! So, thank you Secret for that! 
The claim that it last for 48 hours it also absolutely true! I live in Florida and it's already in the 90's here, believe me: perspiration occurs wayyyyyy too much! This product surely helps with odors and keep the area clean, so Secret: thank you for that as well! I will never go back to a generic roll on again, the Secret definitely wins my vote!

Also very impressed with the NYC Applelicious Glossy lip balm. I
 don't wear make up often, but when I do, I really have a hard time finding a lip color that I like for everyday use. 
When I opened with lip gloss, I noticed that it was called big apple red so I immediately thought "Here we go again, it's going to be a bright red that it's going to look hideous against my white complexion" :( 
But I couldn't be more wrong then that! This lip gloss gently tint my lips on a nice shade of red that it's not over the top and it's magnificent for my everyday make up style! 
I think it's because is basically 2 lip glosses in one with the outer layer in red and the orange center.....that is shaped like an apple, can you see??
I guess that's why the shade of red is so pretty and particular, rich but not too dark, plus is shiny! Even bigger plus: it smells like a real apple....puts me on a good mood every time! 
It definitely has a spot in my purse every day, so I can quickly put it on to retouch my lips. 

The other 2 products in the box were a press-on manicure set form imPRESS Broadway nails and a OSIS+ hair gel that I haven't had the chance to try yet. 
I want to try the press on nails so bad but for the whole summer I will be cleaning condos like there is no tomorrow and I don't wanna waste them, I'd like to use them for a very special occasion instead. 
The hair gel really isn't my thing as I never found a gel that looks good on me, but I swear I will give it a try. Eventually!
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