Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weight Update #10


WOW almost 3 months passed since last weight update!! 
But here I am, one pound lighter nonetheless. (And I wonderful blue pedi eheheh)

 In this time frame my weight dropped below 142 lb too, but needless to say, it was when I was sick with strep throat :( 

And now, my measurements since January (gasp!) 
Chest: 38" (the same) 
Waist: 34" (2 inches up....what???)
 Hips: 42" (1 inch up GRRRR) 
 Thigh: 22.5" (half inch less) 
 Arm: 11" (1 inch down) 

It funny because I actually think my clothes fill snug around the waist, who knows.

As for excercising, yeah, it's just not happening. 
I mean, I do stay on my feet a lot at work, about 5 hours out of the 6 hours per day every day during the week and I do intense cleaning work every Saturday. 
But it goes to show that if you don't target the specific areas, even if you're loosing weight, it's doesn't mean that your muscles are toning up. 
Likewise, when you're toning up and looking better, sometimes you don't see the weight loss you expect. 

Keeping this up! 
I really hope to be under 140 lb soon! 

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