Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Family is growing!

If you were expecting a post with the announcement that I'm pregnant, sorry to disappoint folks! 
This is not it! 

I'm happy with my 2 children and that business is now closed. 

That said, our family is still growing since we adopted a little kitten! Let me introduce you all to Shadow (and all the food crumbs under my kitchen table lol)
We owned cats before but if was my life before kids and it was a little easier. 
But the kids have asked for a pet before and now there is really no reason not to have one! 

Shadow fits right in with his "independent moods" and playful energy. 
Here he is, showing off his brand new collar that made him "officially" part of the family!

Cuddling up with my daughter

Playing with my son and his brand new mouse toy

Enjoying the new scratch post my husband bought for him

...and finally just requesting my attention!

If you'd like to see more picture of him and his everyday adventure, hop on Facebook! 

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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I thought I noticed a new furry addition to your household while browsing Facebook!

And might I just say....AWWWWW! :D

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